Massage for health

This is not an advert.

Many people have been asking me about some good places for Thai massage in Bangkok and I have many to share with you guys.┬áBut I’m about to share only one SUPER AMAZING place which I recently discovered. (Thanks to my lovely brother who brought me there)


This place is really a must go if you are a massage lover.

What I really like about their services is the great effort in every steps they do, as well as clean environment. My first try was a foot massage, followed by a body massage, and it was amazing and left me with great impression. It’s not just about a relaxation but also health concern. They will consult you a little bit on how to improve your lifestyle or if there is any adjustment you should do.┬áThis is what I really called “AN ORIGINAL THAI MASSAGE”! I love that place and I’m going back again to try head massage!

Price starting from 250 Baht/hour.

They do have a website here but mostly in Thai language. However, it might be useful for on the contacts, direction, map, etc.

Do take note:

1. you really need to call and make an appointment first. This place is always busy and full of locals. (Operating hour: 0800 – 2000)
2. take taxi to save time and trouble.

Hope you have a good time there like I do.
Love.- nira