So skinny

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Last time people viewed skinny as ‘unacceptable’. Our generation is far different. At least in Fashion industry.

So, what’s wrong with being skinny?

Do you realize that these days in the fashion industry, super skinny models are becoming a part of high fashion labels or runways. I’m sure many of you already saw it from The Fashion Week this year all over the world. In fashion, they define this skinniness as curves. In a runway, people might pay more attention to their skinny bodies rather than the clothes and it’s maybe a big risk in a business sense. However, many high end designers take all these risks as a challenge and prove us wrong. Their models are awesome so are their designs.

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However, some people also think that it’s not a good message for the fashion industry have this image as it may cause the young girls to imitate.

“They don’t look normal”

What is normal in fashion industry? Do you define ‘creative’ as being normal? Obviously not. I remembered hearing some people comment that most people in art school are weird. If you define creative people who think out of a box and express them in a different way as ‘being weird’ then be it.

“They are anorexia”

In some cases, maybe. But not every skinny person is anorexic. Some people are born skinny and some just prefer to be that way. There are also some teens who have yet to develop their curves and appear to be skinny. It’s never a good thing to go to the extent of becoming anorexic. There is so many good ways to lose weight rather than not eating at all. Exercise, that’s one good example.

But how skinny is too skinny?

Some people think I’m too skinny. Some think I’m just small. My ex modeling agent said that I need to lose 2-3 kilos more when I was already happy with how skinny my body was that time (and now). It all depends on how individuals view and how do you feel about yourself. There are many woman who do not belong to this category and they look great with enough confident and positive personality. Most importantly? Are you happy with your body size?

Love.- nira