QPX Treatment


Dropped by ONLYaesthetics last week to try QPX hair removal treatment which is permanent and painless.

My QPX treatment was for underarms and a brazilian. It was done after 20-30 minutes.
Surprisingly, it was painless! Ok, maybe a little bit for da brazilian.

More about QPX:

The patented QPX technology, which is upgraded from IPL, supports more effective and safer treatments. Reason being that their mode of light pulse is very different. OPX have a long pulse width and it’s output energy is accurate, while traditional IPL has sharp pulse and high energy which might burn skin.

Also, it’s patented wat of delivering perfecr constant spectrum of light enery results in a dramatic increase of efficacy compares to other devices in the marketplace. The lamp for QPX is also larger thus allowing shorter treatment time for a larger area. There will be no loss of energy on the edge of the treatment area.In conventional IPLs, the current surges through the lamp in a wave and the spectrum output varies dyring this pulse. At its peak, the light energy is too high, contains too much blue light and must be filtered out. Much of the energy is lost, so treatments are carried out at wastefully high energy levels which can lead to loss/inconsistency in treatment results and also discomfort to the client.

Lastly, IPLs are able to reduce hair by the intense light being absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. For this reason, they typically work better on people with more contrasting skin and hair colors.

Current promotion.

  • Underarms/Upper lips: $128 (Dont once every 2 months for the 1st year, followed by another 1 year maintenance, total treatment time will be 2 years)
  • Underarms/Upper Lips Accelerated Program: $288 (Done monthly for the 1st 6 treatments, followed by maintenance till the end of 2 years program)
  • $588 Brazilian, $688 for full brazilian
  • Brazilian Accelerated Program: $988
  • Accelerated Hair Removal for Men: Underarms. Upper Lips/ Chin: $388, Full Face: $688 (Terms are the same as the accelerated program for ladies)
  • The prices are inclusive of 10% svc charge

25A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village. (6314 4434)

Love.- nira