Hong Kong, Part 2

My last day in Hong Kong was pretty easy-going yet it was the best part of this trip. Because I had such a great time exploring the beauty of Hong Kong’s culture as well as some masterpieces of their architecture ON THE TRAM, also locally known as ‘Ding Ding‘!

Excited of course… It was my first time taking a tram ride even though this was not my first time to Hong Kong. I felt like a local!

These pictures tell a thousand words.

Spent around half an hour on the tram then headed to Stanley Market road, located on the south coast of Hong Kong Island.

For sight seeing and a bit of shopping.

Had this delicious chocolate cake at Stanley Plaza before I went back to the hotel.

Then Teochew cuisine for dinner.

I honestly have to say that I’m not really into Cantonese or Teochew food though.

But I really loved this dish, Cold crabs.

And this is where I had one of the best desserts ever!!!

Really miss the taste of it.

ps.- I’m going to miss you loads, Hong Kong.

love.- nira