Hong Kong, Part 1

I have so many reasons why I’m still in love with Hong Kong ever since my first time there.

This cosmopolitan city is a paradise where I can experience great views from the mountains, chilling off the coast, admiring the beauty of architecture, enjoying a few Cantonese dishes (I’m not a big fan) and a lot of random street snacks, and of course shopping!

It was a short trip, 3 days and 2 nights. Good time has began during the departure because it was a great flight. No crying babies, naughty active kids and loud talkers. This sort of thing doesn’t happen everyday.

Oh yes. The meal was delicious.

4 hours plus from Singapore to Hong Kong and another half an hour from airport to The Ritz Carlton.

The Ritz Carlton is located on top of Hong Kong’s tallest building (488 meter tall) where you can get the best panoramic views of the whole city.

Day time view from my hotel room.

Breathtaking night view from the lounge.

And the next day was all about SHOPPING! (Thank you for awesome weather at about 18-20°C too) First location was Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong’s major shopping districts.

Then to Ladies Street. (similar to Bugis street in Singapore)
A lot of cheap and funky stuffs. However, most of the shops sell similar things.

Would you buy this underwear for your friend or boyfriend? I wonder who created this.

Last place, Mongkok. It was my most favourite shopping spot so far.

And also one of most crowded place.

I happily spent on these things like H&M clothing and accessories.

Cosmetics from SASA, much bigger and better than the Singapore ones.

Designer goods

Shopping was really fun but the best part of this trip was something else…
Share with you more about it in Part 2.

love.- nira