Because sun exposure is very ageing to our skin as well as the risk of skin cancers and many of us are already aware of this. There are many factors that cause your skin to age faster but I’m just going to skip that part because we should already know a lot of them. Just remember, sunscreen is a must and you need at least SPF15 and above for a daily use. However, not all of them are safe to use so it’s a must you need to know and avoid those toxic ones. So what is considered a good sunscreen to me?

First of all, it protects our skin from UVA, UVB and Infrared. The higher SPF, the better protection for your skin? No, not really true. It must not be oily and doesn’t clog pores or give breakouts. It should also help makeup to stay in place after applying or doesn’t ruin it at least. And most importantly, safe to use of course. Now let me give some reviews on the ones I have used/been using. Please kindly take notes that these reviews are purely based on my personal experiences and they may not have the same effects on everyone.

1. Biore UV PPerfect Face Milk SPF50+ 


Another favourite sunscreen as of now. The texture is very light with fast absorption. I thought it would be quite greasy after a short while and not so suitable for my combination skin but I was wrong. It doesn’t ruin my makeup too. Reasonable price. I hope it comes up with the new upgraded formula in the near future. I will repurchase this or their upgraded formula.

2. Nivea Oil Control Sun Protection Serum SPF50PA+++


The texture is quite light and it only takes a short while for this serum to be fully absorbed into my skin. It can control oil in a certain level but not for many hours. I’m still not sure if I get breakouts from this or not. But the price is very affordable so I think it’s alright for this quality. Will I repurchase this? No. But I would say I found a few other Nivea body sunscreen and body lotion products are quite good.

3. Anessa Whitening Essence Facial UV Sunscreen


My current favourite sunscreen. I love its texture, fast absorption as well as how it helps my makeup to stay in place. I can go at least 4-5 hours without feeling greasy at all. I will repurchase this product.

4. Estetica Sunshield Aqua SPF50


I got this after a spa session at Estetica beauty Plaza Singapura. What I like most about this product is the instant brightening effect right after applying with non-sticky and light texture. I can use this alone instead of putting a foundation after to go for a very natural look. The cons about this product? My makeup cannot really stay in place after this sunscreen. I still like it anyway.

5. Keihl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 


The good thing is their cream is pretty rich but I find it too heavy on my skin. It also makes my skin greasy after awhile and doesn’t really help with holding makeup. It’s alright if I plan to go on bare face but not with my makeup on. I personally think it doesn’t work well on (prone to)oily skin. Although I like a lot of skincare products from this brand but I will give it a pass for this sunscreen.

6. Mizumi UV Water Serum SPF 50+


This one is actually not bad but I think I prefer other sunscreens I already have than this one. It doesn’t give me breakouts but I find it can be quite greasy easily if I stay outdoor for long hours.

When I find ones that are not so good for putting on my face, I put them on my body instead. I hope my reviews help you find the most suitable sunscreen for yourself.

Love, nira

5 thoughts on “The Good and Not So Good Face Sunscreens”

  1. Hi nira,

    Thank you for sharing your beauty products on ur blog site. I am keen to know where you actually got your sunscreen from?
    Understand that it is produced in Thailand but is there a retail store or drug store that is carrying this product? Would love to get one to try too!

    Appreciate your time taken to reply’

    Thank you and regards!

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Unfortunately I do not know where to get exactly but I usually contact them through Line App (username: Jellysun) to purchase and they will mail it out once they received your payment.

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