So I was invited to try out a massage at Balik Kampung last week and the experience I had over there was very good.

My first hour was a relaxing massage to help me refresh my tired muscles, followed by another hour of facial treatment called OXYGEN ENERGIZING FACIAL, using Babor products from Germany. I felt revitalized right after the facial, fresher and more radiant complexion.

Aside from the satisfying services they provide and friendly therapists, I pretty much like their ambience. It’s cozy yet comfortable.

Do ask them about their current couple promotion for Valentine’s Day. (current 90-minute couple spa is at $165, and consists of a 30 min pampering scrub and a 60 minute aromatherapy massage). Visit their Facebook page here.

*Take note that it might not be easy to find the location so do a quick research before your trip to save your time.

You should really try their massage at least! Amazingly effective.
love.- nira

2 thoughts on “Relaxing Time”

  1. Hi nira, I love beauty rest after the stressful days of work. I use to be a therapists but I am doing that for my family and friends. I wish to try that oxygen energizing facial too.

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