My turning 6 years old daughter, Terena, loves sports with lots of movement, physical activity and speed. She would be outside (or in the park) with a bike, a scooter, a ball for a whole day if I’d let her. She asked me if I could make our garden into The American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. And yes, we did a little bit of that in our garden too.

I still remember the very first scooter she had was a gift from my friend at the age of 3 and it was too small for her now so she didn’t touch it for a year. We ended up donating it with other toys to an orphan home and the kids love it. I recently received a new Madd Gear VX8 Pro Scooter for Terena from If you do not know yet, Madd Gear (MGP) is one of the most popular brands of stunt scooters in the world; and are famous for their quality and specification. You can find more MGP products that meet your specific requirements here and here.


Terena and I were excited about unboxing her new scooter. It came in a box like this and only took me 5 minutes to assemble everything. Pretty easy and simple with a guide book.



***ps.- We do have a proper helmet for her to wear every time she scoots and she has been taught about the relationship between scooter and helmet. She took off her helmet and rode really slow (in a park with no cars/motor bikes allowed) while I was trying to capture these pictures. I trust my daughter with her good sense of control.

This scooter is pretty good for a beginner rider. The deck is about 4.5 inches wide and 19.5 length. The bar is about 23 inches high which I think it’s a comfortable height for beginner rider like Terena who is about 110cm tall now. This Madd Gear is super stylish and Terena seems to be very happy with it!


Do visit for more awesome toys. They are one of the largest toy stores in Singapore with a wide selection of educational toys and games that are extremely popular overseas but harder to find in Singapore. I could spend an hour browsing their website because there are many cool stuffs to choose from. It’s also definitely one of websites I would check if I need to buy any gifts in the future.

Enjoy the smooth ride and have a good day!

Love, nira.

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