This post I will be sharing a review on a Liposonix treatment I did at EHA Clinic Singapore about 2 months ago. First, let me explain my concerns and lifestyle. I do workout at least 1-2 times per week, mostly cardio and running. However, the “last inch” of my stubborn tummy fat somehow still remain. As you know belly fat is harder to lose than fat in other areas of our body. And that’s why our upper body will be the first to shrink when you exercise or diet to lose weight while a belly remains more or less the same. It is why I decided to give it a try since this is already the closest to a liposuction but it’s non-surgical. And I honestly do not need a liposuction with an inch of belly fat I’m trying to get rid of.


I went in EHA clinic on Tuesday and met up with Dr Elias for a consultation. Dr Elias gave me some advices and he did 9 markings on my tummy areas. After that I was given 2 pills to treat pain. Let me tell you first, this treatment was very painful for me, and I consider myself to have a low-medium pain tolerance. But it also worked wonder so you might want to keep reading.


The treatment took about 45 minutes; about 4-5 minutes for each markings. I don’t really know how to describe the exact feeling of pains I had during treatment. It was more than just a high heat and I was trying to concentrate on something else because it was really painful. However, I was glad that I managed to go through this whole thing without stopping it halfway.




The pain somehow remained a little bit after the treatment. I noticed some bruises about 4-5 hours later and was a lot more bruised the day after, purplish black kind of bruises. They lasted about 2-3 weeks at least. I did not see any results yet until week 4. My waist is about an inch smaller now at week 6! It does feel a bit tighter too. It was amazing how Liposonix could get rid of these stubborn fat after just one treatment! I swear it really works wonder but that’s only if you are willing go through pain. Otherwise, this is really not for you. If you have high pain tolerance then you might be able to tolerate this better than I did.


Please also keep in mind that you body fat can come back anytime if you have an inactive lifestyle or uncontrolled diets.

Pricing for Liposonix: 1-9 spots = $300 each, 10-14 spots = $250 each, 15 above = $200 each. You can read more on how Liposonix works here. I hope this post will be useful for those who want have a slimmer body.

Love, nira.


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