There is no single cause of dry or itchy skin. It can be anything we face everyday from external factors such as cold weather, low humidity, chemical, overuse of sanitizer or soap; to internal factors such as genetics, health, age, and etc.

In my case, I have a sensitive skin with mild allergy and easily become dry or itchy (sometime with rashes) due to all these causes: chlorine in the pool, hot baths or showers, soap or detergents, fermented food and certain seafood, insect bites, dust and dirt. Therefore, I really cannot do without creams and lotions that help to relieve itchiness. And even better when they moisturize skin at same time. I’m glad to be doing this review so I can share with you something that could be relevant to your lifestyle needs.


To give a short introduction, Suu balm is Singapore’s first rapid itch-relieving moisturising cream and is developed by dermatologist named Dr Tey Hong Liang from the National Skin Centre in Singapore. Their product, backed by clinical evidence, is good for those with dry, itchy and sensitive skin, as well as people who have eczema or those who need to face some internal and external factors I mentioned earlier.

Even though Suu Balm is a proudly Singaporean creation (formulated at the NSC and marketed by Good Pharma Dermatology), it’s doing very well both locally and overseas. In fact, you can read Good Pharma’s interview article with the Straits Times last month here.


I have been using Suu Balm since the beginning of May until now and I really like this product. Their cream is very smooth and light, non-sticky, and easily absorbed into my skin. I also love how Menthol ingredient itself gives an immediate cool feeling especially on crazy hot days (sometimes I try not to overuse it) and relieve itch at the same time. Suu Balm contains ceramides which help my skin hold on to moisture more efficiently and preventing future dryness and itchiness. I gave my dad a tube to try as well since he also has a very dry itchy skin and he gave pretty good feedback after using this cream.



I found no cons and I think it’s one great product to have it as a family essential in your home for either daily usage or to standby. Since I travel pretty often, I usually bring a 75ml tube with me in my handbag whenever I’m outside. The pump bottle of 350ml is for home use.

You can shop online or request for a sample at Also available in all Watson branches (in Singapore), Guardian, Fairprice and Unity.Remember to stay updated with the latest news by following their Facebook and Instagram. Support local brands always.

Love, nira

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