I have not update my blog for so many days while I’m overseas. Many apologies to keep you guys waiting. Bangkok gave me such a fun as well as Shanghai! My getaways this time round must be fully equipped to pamper my every want! Hard work paying off.

Anyway, here are some random pictures I took in Bangkok. (updates about Shanghai trip will be coming up soon)

Wedding dinner.

The wedding was the day right after my Shanghai trip and I wasn’t prepared. I only had half a day to get a nice dress and heel, do my hair and makeup, etc. Madness.

Romance and love, all around us. I wonder what it feels like to get married, do you?

Some fun.

Good food.

I love this new Japanese restaurant, “Sushi Den”, at Central Lardprao 1st floor.
Great chefs, fresh food and great services.

It was quite expensive for local, but worth it.

Clearly, I’m even more spoiled for good Japanese food especially after one incredible meal I’ve had over there!

love.- nira

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays, Bangkok”

  1. You look really pretty in that long dress you wore for the wedding! Where did you get it from? Thank you Nira! Stay beautiful!

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