This is one of my family’s short trip to another city called Chonburi. It took us an hour to get there from Bangkok. This city has no material luxuries but full of the wonders that nature has given us. I kinda LOVE and HATE it at the same time. You will know why later on…

So let starts off with the RANDOM STUFF I found nearby the city of Chonburi.


Not easy to find these days especially in Bangkok. I still remembered how I used to hide all these snacks in my school bag and eat them during class.

2. KANOM-KROK (or Coconut Rice Cake)

This is very famous Thai dessert. 20Baht for 1 box. Try them if you happen to find it.


Even a cat need its best sleeping position and a good spot to keep cool in the hot weather. Haha! Cute isn’t it?


The next place we stopped by is what I called a big lake. It was nothing much to do over there honestly.

But if you are lucky, you find this…

and this.

My mum found it nearby the road so she told us to put it back to the lake.

BYE BYE Mr turtle.

Next, we also paused at the huge dam for a very short while.

Last place we stopped by was a


I actually refused to go in there at first because we had to go through this jungle with a weird smell. To be honest, I have had many bad experiences with jungles so I was kinda scared. In the end, I went in anyway.

The path was not easy to walk.

We all needed to take off our shoes/sandals and walked.

Saw this beautiful bunches of butterflies with brown and blue patterns.
I LOVE butterflies.

That’s all for our short journey. It was definitely something different from what I experience everyday. And again, the best part wasn’t actually the place we went but a good time we spent with the ones we love.

Love. – nira

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