Itch away with Suu Balm

There is no single cause of dry or itchy skin. It can be anything we face everyday from external factors such as cold weather, low humidity, chemical, overuse of sanitizer or soap; to internal factors such as genetics, health, age, and etc.

In my case, I have a sensitive skin with mild allergy and easily become dry or itchy (sometime with rashes) due to all these causes: chlorine in the pool, hot baths or showers, soap or detergents, fermented food and certain seafood, insect bites, dust and dirt. Therefore, I really cannot do without creams and lotions that help to relieve itchiness. And even better when they moisturize skin at same time. I’m glad to be doing this review so I can share with you something that could be relevant to your lifestyle needs.


To give a short introduction, Suu balm is Singapore’s first rapid itch-relieving moisturising cream and is developed by dermatologist named Dr Tey Hong Liang from the National Skin Centre in Singapore. Their product, backed by clinical evidence, is good for those with dry, itchy and sensitive skin, as well as people who have eczema or those who need to face some internal and external factors I mentioned earlier.

Even though Suu Balm is a proudly Singaporean creation (formulated at the NSC and marketed by Good Pharma Dermatology), it’s doing very well both locally and overseas. In fact, you can read Good Pharma’s interview article with the Straits Times last month here.


I have been using Suu Balm since the beginning of May until now and I really like this product. Their cream is very smooth and light, non-sticky, and easily absorbed into my skin. I also love how Menthol ingredient itself gives an immediate cool feeling especially on crazy hot days (sometimes I try not to overuse it) and relieve itch at the same time. Suu Balm contains ceramides which help my skin hold on to moisture more efficiently and preventing future dryness and itchiness. I gave my dad a tube to try as well since he also has a very dry itchy skin and he gave pretty good feedback after using this cream.



I found no cons and I think it’s one great product to have it as a family essential in your home for either daily usage or to standby. Since I travel pretty often, I usually bring a 75ml tube with me in my handbag whenever I’m outside. The pump bottle of 350ml is for home use.

You can shop online or request for a sample at Also available in all Watson branches (in Singapore), Guardian, Fairprice and Unity.Remember to stay updated with the latest news by following their Facebook and Instagram. Support local brands always.

Love, nira

Go Natural In Your Home with Pineapple Power

Mothers and household jobs can never really be separated whether you are a full-time housewife or a working mom. This post I will be sharing some good stuff which may help you to do them even better, and safer.

Choosing household cleaning products that cleaning quicker and easier may not be a difficult task at all but some of them may not be good for our health. Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of these toxic chemicals (or petrochemicals) which are commonly used in those products and how badly they could harm us both short term and long term. It can lead us to the development of allergies, skin rashes, asthma, eczema, and reproduction issues in pregnant woman. I’ve been through experiences with unsuitable products which caused me very bad rashes on my skin (and worsen skin allergy) and took me almost a week to get rid of them with medication, creams etc. From then it taught me a very good lesson to be even more careful with cleaning products.

But I definitely understand it can feel quite overwhelming scanning through all the ingredients of every cleaning product you are going to buy, so what I usually do is to find natural products from trusted brands, such as Pipper Standards.


Their products are naturally made from pineapples, have both hypoallergenic and non-irritation certifications by Dermscan Asia, and are free of known allergens according to U.S FDA; which is safe for babies or young children when using Pipper Standard products at home.

I’ve been trying a few Pipper products and my most favourite one goes to laundry detergent. Because Terena has sensitive (and eczema-prone) skin so I’m extra careful with anything that related to her skin or detergents that used in her clothing. Pipper detergent is perfectly safe for her with no itchy skin or rashes, clean effectively with lesser foam, easier to rinse out compared to many detergents in the market with chemicals added to create foaming effect due to the common misconception that the more foam is the better cleaning. There is also no damp smells when I dry my clothes indoor because their products contain no chemicals.



Below is a picture of Terena trying to wash her face towel with water only and there is no detergent or fabric softener added in until it was my turn to hand wash it myself. Teaching my daughter some household stuff is fun, especially when we can do it together sometimes.



Another thing I love about Pipper products beside being safe cleaner especially for our family’s sensitive skin; is the powerful natural cleaning with eco-sustainable. They use patented pineapple fermentation process (yields natural organic acids, natural enzymes, natural preservatives and biosurfactants) to clean as good as or even better than some chemical products. Not to forget the air we are breathing in too. Cleaning products with harmful chemicals that circulate in the air of our home is definitely harmful. With Pipper products, I do not have to worry about that. They are chemical-free, worry-free and healthy for environment. And most importantly, I personally think it’s better to use natural products to keep my daughter safe and away from any possible harm of chemical products.

You can find out more Pipper Standard here. Always keep your home clean, and your family safe. Easily starting a healthy environment at our home.

Love, nira

The 5 Expensive Beauty Products Worth Buying

When you spend money on something, you want to make sure it’s worth your money at least. Unfortunately, not everything expensive is considered good. Sometime it’s expensive because you are paying for the branding, marketing costs, years of R&D etc. There are costs I’ve been paying for experiences before I found some that are worth buying. This is not an advertorial and these reviews are purely based on my personal opinions.

So this post I’m going to share with you some of the expensive products I could recommend. However, I suggest you to consider buying a tester (if they do have) before purchasing some of the products below because everybody has a different skin tone, individual texture and types. Cut short, here we go. 

1. Sisley – Emulsion Ecologique Day and Night Lotion


One of the best moisturizer products that I always repurchase when it’s finished. It moisturizes and smoothen my skin very well as well as giving a healthy look. You wouldn’t see the results until one week of using it regularly but it depends on an individual. Although I do not use this everyday but at least 4-5 times a week, I can still see the differences between using and not using it. The reason why I do not use this everyday because I have many others (new) moisturizers wanting to try or trying now.

The only downside I do not really like about this product is a slight oily feeling after 3-4 hours of application. If I want my make up to last longer in a daytime, I will not go for it and preferably apply it before bedtime. But again, it really depends on types of skin. I still love this Sisley Emulsion very much and this is one of the few products I keep buying for my parents because they too love it.

2. La Mer – The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20


Foundation is one of the makeup products I spend the most on. Because I’m considered VERY PICKY when it comes to choosing a foundation that suits my needs and reach my expectation. You hardly see me writing reviews on foundation because of that. However, I’m impressed by this La Mer foundation because of its weightless texture which is easily blending and healing hydration at the same time. I dislike anything that is too heavy. My skin looks naturally flawless after applying and my makeup stays well for at least 4 hours. Pores too look more refined.

Comes in 15 shades. However, I personally find this product is not really good enough for a full-coverage look if you are planning a night out.

3. Giorgio Armani – Power Fabric LONGWEAR HIGH COVER Foundation SPF25


I have a combination skin with an oily T zone and and areas around my cheeks. This foundation works great on my skin. It feels very light and not too heavy. The texture is so smooth and easily blends into my skin. Even though it’s stated to use for full coverage but I think it works perfectly for both day time to go for a natural look or a night out for a more full-coverage finish.

All I need for my entire face is just one small drop to give a flawless look with a bit of powdery finish to it. Comes in 24 shades so your skin tone will surely find one that matches perfectly. I’m in love with quite a number of Armani’s makeup products and this is one of the tops.

4. La Prairie – White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream


I think this is one the most expensive moisturizers I have bought so far. Slightly more expensive than Skin Caviar Luxe cream because of slightly different ingredients. White Caviar cream includes White Sturgen (fish eggs) which is very rich in omega (3 times than an average) and rare to find. I’m a sucker for whitening products so I prefer White Caviar. For the first time I applied this at night, my skin was really glowing the next morning. Dark spots from acne scars slowly disappear and leave my skin’s natural glow and bright. My mum thought I have been going to a facial treatment as she noticed some changes.

I use tiny amount of this cream before bedtime because they are so rich but not everyday (sometimes I switch to Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, which is definitely another worth buying skincare product). If I remember correctly I bought this more than half a year and I just finished it last month. The only con you may find is probably their price. I love their luxurious jar packaging but it’s still considered very expensive. I’d still put it in this post because I like the results. I strongly recommend a sample to try at least 1-2 weeks before you consider purchasing this.

5. Shiseido – Revitalizing Essence


This heavy red glass bottle of Essence works good for my combination skin. My all time favourite toner and also one of the very few toners I have been using (on and off) for years. I will use it at least 4-5 days in a week (morning and night) especially when my skin is getting dry during winter. I can easily feel the hydration it gives to my skin yet leaving no greasy or sticky feeling. One excellent product to be in a skincare routine. And yes, I will always repurchase this product.

Those are the top 5 I could share now. More updates will come.

I will end this post with small useful tips. You can actually try to ask for some available testers whenever you purchase something from the counters. Some countries (or malls) will give them even without you asking. But please do not expect them to do so if you only spend a few bucks. Hope it helps.

Love, nira

Diamond Black Hair, Bump Hair Design

Beautiful hair is healthy without dryness, soft to the touch and sway with movement. It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, wavy or straight as long as it’s considered beautiful on it owns.

I personally prefer natural looking with hair coloured towards dark tones, like black or dark brown hair. I always maintain my hair but the recent beach trips somehow killed that healthy look especially hair colour and frizziness so I urgently needed to get my hair done. And do you know it is not necessary to pay quite a high price to have great hair? Especially if you know about this hair salon which I recently went to, and it’s called Bump Hair Design by AVENTA at River Valley.


Thanks to my hair stylist, Seno San, for a hair makeover. (You can take a look at his work here). I requested for a natural looking black shiny hair together with hair treatment after.


As you can see from non-editing photos below, I am very satisfied with the results.


I did Tokio Inkarami treatment which is receiving great ratings and reviews from high-end salons in Japan. There are five steps in this treatment but the the processing time is somehow not as long as I thought it would be.


Many other hair treatments help the outer layers of damaging hair but Inkarami helps beneath to the root of your hair and leave your hair smooth and shiny. More close-up image for you to see below.


It’s not just great hair services they provide with affordable price, your hair will be done by Japanese hairstylists with at least 8-10 years of experiences in this industry. However, not all Japanese stylists there are fluent in English so you may need to bare with some communication problems. I suggest you to do homework (such as references) before you go there. You also need to bare with stairs as this salon is located on the second floor. On the bright side, I love their privacy so it wasn’t a problem to me at all. The more privacy, the better it is. Overall, I enjoyed their services and experiences they gave. And I think their price is worth paying.


You can make your appointment at the details above. They open everyday. Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 09:00pm, and Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am – 09:00pm.

Have a nice hair day, always.

Love, nira.

Wake up to better skin, Estee Lauder x Nira

Waking up to a dull and lifeless skin often make us look tired and old. I understand we sometime cannot avoid keeping ourselves up at night, whether it’s stress, ages, or not. But it’s definitely one of the reasons for getting in the way of our best skin in the next morning. Sometimes I couldn’t even look myself in the eyes in the mirror.

Just like everyone else, I’ve had my fair share of unwanted skin problems too.

If I do not get enough sleep, I’d probably wake up to less-than-radiant looking skin. As well as the healing and repairing process of my skin with blemishes which used to be quite fast without permanent scars but not so now. Therefore, it’s leading to a complexion to be blotchy and uneven skin tone. Although wrinkles are not my main problem as of now but it’s starting to show very slowly. My skin is also very sensitive and it could be pretty tricky when it comes to shopping for skincare products and find ones which suit me. 

I’m pretty happy to be a part of this Estee Lauder campaign to recommend you one of the best serums worth having in your skincare routine at night, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. 


After using Advance Night Repair for less than a week, I noticed some changes in those problem acne scars as they seem to be lighter and less redness or blotchy. It didn’t give me breakouts or irritate my sensitive skin either. What I love the most is how it makes my skin so soft and smooth especially in the next morning after I wake up. A healthy and radiant looking skin in the mirror I see; a happier me throughout the day. Although I personally do not like its scent but I like the richness and texture of this serum very much.

It’s not my first bottle and I’ve been using it for years. Just that I have a habit of trying new products (or mix&match different brands) so I am not being consistently used it everyday but I would repurchase when it’s finished. I bought for my mom too and she mentioned about her improvement in less noticeable wrinkles and much smoother skin.


Not surprising why there are many good reviews or being one of the best-selling skincare products from Estee Lauder.

It’s recommended to applying before your other moisturizers but sometime I just use it alone at night before bedtime if I have a pretty long day outside. But no matter how tired I am, I will not skip at least one moisturizer before bedtime. It’s so important to take good care of your skin no matter what age you are at now.

Shop your favourite Estee Lauder Products from here! All their products selling in Sephora website are 100% authentic so you won’t put your own skin at any risks. You can also follow their instagram account @sephorasg and stay up-to-date to their latest promotions or products.

Work hard, play hard and shop harder. Happy shopping! x

Love, nira