Giving is Simple

My family and I woke up pretty early at about 4-5 am this morning to prepare some home-cooked food and dessert before heading out of home to find orphans and less fortunate children at Bot Woradid Temple in Ang Thong city. This temple is not only a home for these kids but also a school where they deserve to be educated just like any other kids. My mom was the one who found out about this place and it wasn’t her first time doing this so she pretty much knows how it works here. Some people come here to donate things and money, treat them meal etc.

There are about 300 plus of them and less than ten guardians (or teachers). We brought 9-10 huge buckets of food and 3 medium-sized box of coconut ice-cream. We were afraid of not preparing enough at first but it was just nice and there is not much of left over food.

Honestly speaking, I think some of us (including myself) were really tired without enough sleep the night before plus crazy hot weather in Thailand now. But I’m sure all of us enjoyed doing this and it felt really good. I want to believe I have help them somehow at least.

Of course, the little ones in yellow vests get to queue and eat first at 12 noon. And as expected, they were more excited for the desserts than their main dish.

Some of them were so shy to take their food. You imagine how cute they are. And also when they say ‘thank you’ with their little cute voice. *chuckle*

Then the rest get to eat around 12:30-1pm before heading back to their classroom. I like how they are responsible to wash their own plates after they finished their food. I know they are not fortunate like so many of us to have a maid so they have to do it themselves anyway. But this is one thing I’m going to teach my daughter in the very near future. I think she should at least know how to be responsible starting from such small thing. I have my way of parenting my child. Just in case you are going to give me any negative comments or advice on this.

I hope to be back here again in the future. If you are curious about the location of this temple, you can check it out here or feel free to ask me.

Love, nira

2 Nights in Macau

Nothing beats a good break with a good friend when you really need a getaway from being a wife, a mom and work. Don’t get me wrong by saying that. I’m happy with my life and what I have right now. Just that it’s been awhile since I have my own time and space which I strongly believe that everyone needs it.

I was so glad that we managed to get away from home for a few days to clear our heads. I met up with Richelle straight at Macau airport since we flied from different places. It was our first time to Macau and we didn’t plan much but to take it easy instead. Richelle picked The Venetian hotel and we pretty much loved how spacious the room is. The decoration was nice too. However, I’d still preferred a hotel without (or not connected to) a casino. Here is our room and we spent quite a lot time in there chit-chatting on the first day.

Honestly, there is not much for you to do in Macau unless you really like to gamble which we are not. But staying in The Venetian was a good choice because there is a huge shopping mall, acceptable food, nice spots to stroll around and take photos.

R strongly demanded for us take a Gondola ride. I think she had quite a bit of tough time trying to convince me but she did it anyway. So I enjoyed myself in my own way. It was really comfortable enough to take a short nap.

ps. Although I’m in always in high heels but I also love wearing my awesome sneakers. I always bring at least a pair with me whenever I travel.

We had both good and bad memories this trip but we always laugh instead of complain or hate. I’m sure none of us will ever ever ever forget what happened.

If you ask me whether I like Macau or not? It’s okay, just okay. Three days two nights is more than enough and I doubt I will be back here again unless I have to. However, I really did enjoy myself mainly because of a good companion. Thank you.

I just can’t wait until our next destination maybe end of this year or next. It’s gonna get even better and funnier. x

Love, nira

Beach, Sunset, and Love

Last month I flew down to Kota Kinabalu for C&D wedding which took place in Shangri-La Rasa Sia Resort. There is so much activities we could actually do on the next morning before wedding actually started. However, my husband and I decided to go on easy by walking down the beach and have a little drinks. So here is me relaxing in a hotel before heading out for lunch beside the beach. 

The weather was pretty hot and I could feel my feet burning by walking in the sand with sandals on. My lovely hubs helped me shot a few photos before we ran back to the restaurant. haha. owever, I liked that summer feel because it’s totally different from Shanghai right now.

We went back to hotel to freshen up and get ready for a solemnization and reception dinner later. And I have to honestly speaking that their wedding is so BEAUTIFUL and not the usual type of weddings we’ve always  seen. I’m not only talking about the great set up and all the little details they did, but also the great mix of people.

Now, I’m sure many of us women (at least) once dream about having a wedding in a place like this.

Photo credited to a bride C.

They also gave a fan with different pattern to all the guests. It was pretty thoughtful of them. I took it home with me anyway. haha.

And this moment when we all had been waiting, to see the most beautiful bride who brought all of us a smile.

Happy moments and great pictures captured. ps. I took this from Amy’s timeline.

A promise of love right before the beautiful sunset.

Photo credit to Amy.

A dinner reception place where all the funny speeches began.  I couldn’t stop laughing.

A few more random shots taken with a pretty Pee, a Thai aesthetic doctor.

and a lovely Amy and Chen.

It’s not a big wedding but cozy, easy and fun. I meant it. Well, I usually couldn’t last more than 2 hours for the after party but this time I did it. haha. I think most of us was really having a good time as I could tell by their laughs and smiles, including us of course.

Thank you C&D for having us there. And again, I wish you both a blissful marriage. Congraduation! x

ps. pack very light this trip. That’s all I need in one handbag.

Love, nira

Life in a New City

Sorry for the lack of updates. Some of you may already know about my family and I migrating to another city, Shanghai! For me, shanghai is one of the most interesting city (compared with other cities in China I’ve been to) where you can see China of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is also a joint of Eastern and Western cultures and the most modern city.

I’ve moved here for almost two month now and this place is still impressing me so far. There are so much to explore in this fast developing city. Terena also seems to enjoy the cold weather here more than I do but I’m kind of getting used to it now. Actually, I’m much more of a summer than winter person. We will see if I’m going to change my mind after spending more time during winter. Frankly speaking, I miss Singapore and Bangkok a lot especially family, friends and food! Fortunately, I still will be flying back to both countries very often due to business and visiting. Singapore is also like my second home after all so don’t worry my dear friends. You can see me quite often that you thought I have yet to move here. And if you are curious, I should be here in Shanghai for a few years.The very first few weeks I was pretty much occupied with household and a lot of new stuff to explore around but I’m becoming more familiar with this place now. While getting myself busy with finding a new house and kindergarden for Terena, I’m also having a new project coming up and I’m working hard on it now before putting them up.

I’ve said good things about Shanghai and yet to speak about the bad ones. Pretty sure many of you know what are the downsides of foreigner living in China (Every country definitely have at least one). So far, the thing I dislike about this city is the air, sometime it’s really bad but still better than Beijing. Next is the cautious about eating any food here. Unlike Bangkok where most street food won’t do me bad, some of Shanghai street or even can food can be dangerous for my stomach. I’ve had bad experiences for four times in two months. The worst one was the can food which wasn’t expired and yet gave me food poisoning for 2 days. But then again, they have so many good food here!

Anyway, I recently went to a Century park for a short break with baby and ayi (that’s what they called a helper/nanny here). It is the largest park of the city of Shanghai in Pudong New Area which combines British, Japanese, and Chinese gardening styles. So beautiful that I need to photograph.

In Nasty Gal knitted white dress, Massimo Dutti sweater, Burberry coat, BCBGMAXAZRIA stocking, Nine West boots and Chanel bag.

Love taking photos of these pretty flowers. I didn’t even need to use my pro but semi-pro camera to capture their beauty. Iphone 5 camera is very good for close-up shots too.

A flower in my hand was picked up from the floor and not from a tree itself.

more random things they sold at the park.

I was off to my meeting after spending an hour in a park. The weather was just nice on that day.

Cartier watch and ring, Tiffany bracelet and Korean designer jewelries. I love how the rose gold strongly compliments beige and white colour.

More random photos of my little girl. Start with da Michelin Terena all covered up in shocking pink GAP sweater.

Seriously. She is not even in white. Don’t you think she looks like a Michelin or is it just me? Actually I always call these type of sweater, the Michelin inspired. Cute enough.

and Terena da shopaholic baby.

She was actually being nice and helped me carry it all the way walking back home. Having a daughter is very sweet. Especially these days, she knows exactly how to make me melt when she wants something. But I will try my very best not spoil you simply because I love you very much. If you are a mother, you should know how hard it is to say no to your little ones but someone has to do it.

It’s late but I’m wishing you all a happy 2014. I hope all the good things be with you always.

ps. I bought quite a lot of Korea makeup and skincare from a family trip in Korea and I will be sharing some reviews once I’ve tried them all.

Love, nira

Bangkok with Baby

Some random updates about my life here.

I’m doing pretty fine as a mom so far. Terena is now very active and a fast learner so I need to be very careful of what I do as a role model. Kicking off some of your bad habits can be quite tough no? But we have to do anyway for the love of our child.

Last week Terena and I flew up to Bangkok again because I need to attend a few weddings this month and also for a short break for myself. All my family members were dying to see her especially my dad. She slept on the plane for the very first time after flying alone with her quite a number of times! Think it was about 15-20 minutes and I managed to take a short nap as well.

After spending only a week in Bangkok, baby Terena has gained some weight too. She is somewhat chubbier now especially her cheeks. We bring her out everyday while we are here! I’m not sure about other babies but mine definitely like to go out A LOT. Are they all the same? Here are some photos of baby Terena just in case you miss seeing her. x

She is growing well in overall. Not overweight or underweight. Also starting to walk by herself. Can’t imagine when she starts to run around… It would be so tiring yet so fun.

Terena is getting along very well with all my family members as usual especially dad who is really good with babies. There is more time for me to run some other errands, catch up with old friends, enjoy my own space etc.

End up this post a few more random things I have yet to post up. First, one of my many favourite shots of Terena.

And, a special delivery of homemade lychee chiffon cake by Rachel herself a few days before I flew to Bangkok. The cake is really light with a soft texture and sweet fragrance of lychees. Think it will goes really well with a high tea session with my girls.

This is not an ad. You can look out for her pop-up sale through Instagram @pleasure_monger or hashtag #twentysevenbyrachel for and other good reviews. Thank you Rachel. Hope to make you Lava cake next time when we have a chance.

Lastly, a beautiful bouquet of flower that my honey gave me during our first anniversary. Love flowers very much.

And again, thank you family, friends and lovely readers for all your kind words and well wishes for me and my girl. I will try to write more this month if possible. Quite a lot of photos I’ve been taking this trip. Back for more.

Love, nira