Mommy’s Surprise Part 1

Hello all. I’m back again.

It’s about Terena’s 4th birthday! We already celebrated not very long ago and I’m so happy everything went smoothly as I planned 2-3 weeks ahead. The past 2 years we celebrated Terena’s birthday with a nice simple dinner with a family and this year I thought of doing something different. Something with a lot of surprises yet I don’t need to overspend on throwing such a huge fancy party.

So what came into my mind first?

Small house party? Or. Bring her to a city nearby to play? Throw a small party in her school with her classmate? Barbeque party? A few thoughts came in but I was already buying the first one.

A small house party with a few close friends of Terena and I, cousins and family. That will do. So what I really needed to plan was food, small decoration, small guest lists and some activities. Terena will not be home before lunch time so I have the whole morning! On her birthday I woke up at around 6am as usual getting some stuff ready and waiting for…

THIS. Mommy’s surprise for her 4th birthday!


Pretty balloons!! I ordered pink, red, white and a bit of silver to go with a theme Terena would like.

Terena loves balloons and she is already so happy to have just one in her hand. The last time I bought her one was a year plus ago. haha. I’m seriously the kind who do not like to buy too many toys or unnecessary stuffs for her (her dad and grandparents already spoil her enough). I’m happy to buy her books only.  But well… I spoiled her big one on her birthday this year.


Took me about half and hour to happily arrange them. Not only kids like balloons you know? *chuckles*


Probably the only one nice portrait shot of myself so I uploaded it anyway. *chuckles*

Anything too fancy was out of my choice for food but easily grab-and-chill like pizza, snacks and drinks! Food which makes people feel like home! I ordered them 5 days in advance and they delivered exactly on time. Thank you!



Why cook right? hehe.

Coming next was hello kitty cupcakes from our cousins! Oh yea.. I decided to go with Hello Kitty theme simply because Terena likes it. I also did ask the guests to wear pink if possible haha.



Believe it or not they were not just pretty looking but so yummy (according to most guests who tasted them because I was cutting down on sweets). Thank you very much for your cupcakes ka!

Another cake was delivered right after as well but I forgot to take a clear picture of it. Never mind, next.

Terena and daddy arrived with her gift from daddy, a new bicycle! (you see who spoiling her. haha)


ps. I love that dress on her. Credit to me please.

And the best part I was waiting…

Her first impression when she saw a surprise from me!



Kids and their expression are just speechless. They show what they really feel don’t they. *chuckles*


I love love love. At least now I know how good it felt to be spoiling her so bad for once.


I didn’t keep my last surprise long. Next, a balloon twister! I called him that unless you can suggest me a better name haha. I believed all the kids will like him (some adults as well).



And Terena had fun sword-fighting with daddy.

While we were waiting for all the guests to arrive at noon, we spent good quality time together; chit-chat, balloon fighting, taking pictures and snacking.



One way to make a mom the happiest mom on earth is simply just to see her child happy. Although it’s so difficult and frustrating to balance my family building and work sometimes, but I’m trying my best and I hope that my best will be enough, always.

Look out for the part 2 soon. x

Love, Nira.

Memory Captured

It’s always a happy day to have a photo shoot with your loved ones. Because memory is very important to me so I want to make sure I’ve kept most of them in a photo before it will be too late. A few months back I did another shoot with baby Terena and here I share with you some shots.

Thanks to Bobby for capturing our special moments. All of his shots are looking very natural and that’s what I like most. I enjoyed working with him as he is such a young hard-working photographer with good personality. You can see more of his work here or check out his facebook page here.

Also, special thanks to Jessica and her lovely rainbow cake and cupcakes.

Not only they look so pretty in detailed but they are very yummy too (and not too sweet for me). I had 4 cupcakes by myself right after the shoot. haha. You can make an order here.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Love, nira

With baby love

Sorry for the lack of updates this month. I just came back from Bangkok and I was there to spend time with a family for a week plus.

The best thing about this trip was a great surprise I gave to my family. And Terena was their surprises. None of them (except for my second elder brother) were expecting me to be in Bangkok this month but in June. Furthermore, they did not expect me to bring Terena baby along to see them! You have no ideas how crazy they are over her. I’m no longer my dad’s most favorite girl but it’s okay as long as it’s Terena. haha. I wish I could share with you all their face expression when they came home and saw Terena in a living room. Speechless. Funny. But most importantly, all happy, so am I. If you follow my instagram you should already saw some of my dad pictures with Terena. Then you can easily tell how happy he was. Love is amazing.

We were there during Thailand’s Songkran festival period and many places were closed, except for the shopping malls. Too bad for me as I wanted to do street shopping. But well, there were no traffic jams during that time at least. My family and I didn’t want to get into water flight this year plus Terena is way too small for that. In a few years time maybe.

Anyway, Terena and I did our first photo shoot together this trip. It was one of the most challenging photo shoots I ever had because of her. You think about it. It’s not easy to shoot babies right? However, I think Terena did way better than I thought during that 4 hours with a short nap around 30 minutes. Here are some Behind-the-Scenes shots.

Getting ready with my favorite Thai makeup artist. Thank you for teaching me some great tips on makeup! I want to share that with you ladies soon.

While waiting for my makeup to be done, they started shooting Terena alone first. See how many people were needed by her side to ensure her safety. Because she couldn’t sit up by herself yet. Look at the smiles on their faces as well. I think that’s lovely.

Mummy and baby shots.

And mummy solo shots while Terena baby was taking her peaceful nap.

Some of you might want to know where we did the shoot. It was at Agalico, located at Sukhumvit 51. This is where you enjoy a good cup of tea and yummy cakes with great atmosphere. It’s all white and bright, that’s what I love. They also have a beautiful garden at the back.

Thank you photography team and makeup/hair team for your great work. A special thank you to my family who made it a lot easier to shoot Terena with smiles. And lastly, thank you baby Terena for being a good girl! I love you baby. x

I’m looking forward to see the photos! And I hope all of you had fun like I did.

Love.- nira

Maternity Shoot

Sweet memories are best to be kept alive, in photos. Without a doubt, I already planned to have a maternity shoot when I was in my first trimester and I’m glad I did it. Thank you Nicole for an easygoing shoot and most importantly an impressive work. Very natural and raw.

We had several great pictures from this photo shoot but here are a sneak peek. I leave it simple and raw with no photoshop so please do not mind any ugly spots you find here.

If you are planning to have your maternity shoot, 7-8 months of pregnancy would be the best time to do it. I believe it won’t be a waste so go for it.

Love.- nira