Cat of Cats

Some quick updates on random stuff.

J recently got a new cat again this year. When I first knew about it I quickly rushed to meet him with my camera and hoped to get a really cute shot of the cat for my pets photography collection!

He is 5 months old with lotsa cuteness.

I always wanted to have a cat that looks like him! Soft white fur, light grey or blue eyes , baby pink nose and chubby!

The memorable thing about him is his character. He likes to rub his head against people ALL THE TIME including me of course (maybe because I like to spoil him). Sound like any other cats right? But this one will do it to my feet (while I’m standing), my face, my hand etc! Sometimes, he will also sit on my lap himself.

How not to love? Stupid little cat. *smile*

Love. – nira


Hello Kitty

J’s dad recently bought a 7 week old kitten, Persian mixed Ragamuffin. He named her with a pretty name called, “Emora”. ¬†Even though I’m more to a dog lover, but all cats have their own cleanliness which I really like most about them. Cats make you work out of your way to get closer to them and isn’t that interesting?

Here we go… Ms tiny Emora. I spent roughly 20 minutes to captures all these images. Please don’t mind the slightly blur ones. It’s not as easy as you think, especially without flash.

So kawaii… (don’t know why she makes me feel like speaking Japanese)

J and I stopped by Pet Lover Center at Bugis Junction to grab a few toys for her.
And below is her favourite one. S$2.90 only.

She looks extremely cute when she is sleeping.

Every time she starts to meow and seek for attention, it just makes me feel so soft and want to kiss her on her soft furry forehead! I wish I could kidnap you!

I wonder if it’s really that easy to take care of a cat like others said…

p.s. – One more thing. Due to popular demand, Bugis Essensuals decided to extend their promo to 31st May 2011. Do not forget. My readers can enjoy the additional discount during happy hour (10% on top of total bill from Monday to Thursday, 11am – 3pm)

Have a beautiful looking hair everyone.
Love. – nira