I miss you, fresh air

This morning I woke up hoping that the haze won’t get any worse than yesterday with the record-high level of 371 at 1pm. As of now, 12 pm, PSI is already at 400. Above 300 is hazardous. Can it get any worse than this?

The windows in my house are all closed but my eyes sometimes are tearing. I’m worried for my baby girl but she seems fine to me now. Need to feed her water more often than usual. I’ve been stuck at home doing my own work but I really wish to go out and get more ideas right now. Or even better, book a flight out of Singapore for a week. Breathing in fresh air and find peace. To think about it, this must be one big disaster for Singapore Tourism. Who wants to go out with the air like this. I miss the freedom of breathing in fresh air. Below picture is taken in front of a balcony today around 11 am.

Remember to wear N95 mask, and not a surgical mask if you have to go outdoor even for short while. The standard surgical mask is no use against hazardous air. Make sure to close all the windows. Drink more water and stay hydrated. Hope this will get better sooner than they expected.

Love.- nira

Becoming a mother

Those who follow my twitter or instagram should already know this.

I am now a mother and is something absolutely new. This already changes me, for the better. Let’s read.

My pregnancy experiences weren’t that bad (compared most people I know), except for those first three months. Morning sickness was making my life really miserable and it was more like all day sickness to me. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and my mood continued to be quite unstable for most of the day. I can go on days complaining about my morning sickness and how much I hate it.

The second trimester was somehow the best period of my pregnancy. I felt really fresh and appetite was great. My baby bump was getting bigger but it didn’t slow me down much until the starting of my third trimester. I had quite a hard time moving around, sitting down, getting up, and most importantly sleeping! You imagine.. My tummy was as huge as one super fat watermelon and I needed to go to a toilet every 2-3 hours (sometimes 1 hour) throughout the night. It wasn’t easy especially when I also experienced swollen feet.

This is how I look in the second trimester.

Below is my new best friend during pregnancy, a weighing scale. We meet everyday.

I’ve gained about 14-15 kilos in total.

There are also a lot of other things you are not allowed to (or prefer not to) do during pregnancy. It made me upset for quite a while. Everyone has different views on the pregnancy so I will not comment what’s right and what’s wrong here. Best is to trust what you know of yourself as well as your pregnancy experience.

These lists are applied for me.

  • No raw food, means no sashimi and medium rare steak!
  • No soft drinks, coffee, tea (except for chamomile), drinks that contain caffeine and alcohol, and  too cold drinks.
  • No hair coloring. But I did it, twice, with an organic hair color.
  • No teeth whitening.
  • Only light exercise is allowed. I do swimming and prenatal yoga twice a week.

But it’s not all that bad. There are good things too. For examples, a healthier lifestyle during pregnancy with lots of nap. I can eat a whole pint of chocolate ice cream and not feeling guilty. More shopping too. I’m never alone because my little one is with me all the time. And I get to see her once every month!

From a peanut size like this.

Till I know her sex.

Here is a 4D ultrasound of my baby at 7 months.

See picture below, my baby girl was sticking out her tongue while we did the scan. And she did that a few times! How playful.. *smiles*

When I was pregnant, I began praying for my little one.

To me, the best thing about being pregnant is watching. Watching our baby grow. Watching myself turn into a mother and my husband turn into a father.

And before I end this post I need to say this… again.

I’m really thankful to everyone around me who always gives me good support. My family (and in-laws), husband, friends and some strangers who is kind enough to me. My pregnancy has gone through smoothly because of them. I am very fortunate to have these people in my life.

Love.- nira

Necomimi, Brainwave Cat Ears

I came across this new invention of an advanced brainwave technology online called Necomimi, brainwave Cat Ears. This is not an advertorial.

Basically, it’s wearable cat ears that MOVE and react to your moods with different movements. When you feel excited, ears perk up and wiggle. And they fold down when you are bored. I  have yet to try this myself and I would love to.

Watch this video and you’ll have a better understand of how it actually works.

You can consider this to make your cosplay more interesting. Halloween is coming next month isn’t it. Read more about this here if you are interested.

Love.- nira

Small floods at Siam Center

I was at Siam Center (Bangkok) yesterday to get a few things done and unfortunately there was a small flood after the heavy rain. It was very very lucky for my family that our home areas weren’t affected by Thailand’s great flood in 2011 (October till December), and I was in Singapore.

Anyway, the experiences I had yesterday was horrible. It’s not the water but the disgusting insects especially cockroaches. I saw them crawling in and out, trying to escape from the water, and I seriously almost threw up. Don’t worry… I didn’t capture those images.

However, the flood water has immediately gone after rain stopped. From what I know so far, only Siam center areas were affected yesterday and most likely because of the poor aqueduct system.

No news is usually good news.
love.- nira

Miss Tiffany’s Universe, Thailand

If you haven’t heard of Tiffany’s show, then you are really missing out.

Just like any other beauty pageant where all the beautiful women gather, Tiffany’s pageants have the same feminine beauty, except for the fact that they are TRANSVESTITES.

The aim of this contest has been to promote Payatta Tourism, raise the funds for Royally Sponsored Aids Foundation program by Thai Red Cross as well as to create human rights awareness by internationally promoting a positive transvestite image.

Let’s be amazed by the beauty that beat the real woman.

Miss Tiffany winner 2004.

Known by the names Nong Poy, an actress and model. She is so far the most popular transexual in Thailand, I could say. You may have seen her appearance on the media without a clue that she was actually a man.

Miss Tiffany winner 2007.

Film Tanyarat, is also the first Ladyboy Air hostess of Thailand.

Miss Tiffany winner 2010.

Nalada Thamthanakorn

Lastly, the 2011 winner.

Sirapatsorn Attayakorn

Last but not least,

I remember when people used to be not so open about transvestites but it’s different now in our generation. My mum used to say that some people do not have a choice like many of us do but they can always choose to live the way that they believe. It will make them happy being who they really are.

If you don’t fully get what I mean, go watch this Thai film ‘Beautiful Boxerbased on the real life story of a famous Transexual boxer.

Love.- nira