Most Favourite Perfect Skin Hydrators, 2017

Derek Zoolander once said “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” and I couldn’t agree more. In this post I will share some reviews on my most favourite moisturizers with hydrating formulas.

I have combination skin that leans more towards oily and quite sensitive. However my skin can also look quite dry underneath my makeup. If you have a similar skin type like mine, you might find this review very useful.

I often go for an oil-free moisturizer that helps to balance my skin’s natural levels and reduce shines from a greasy complexion. And it is also very important that they will keep my skin hydrated for long hours without ruining my makeup. It’s not difficult to find ones that is specifically suited to your skin’s needs if you starts to pay more attention on the key ingredients.

1. Kiehl’s – Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream



I’ve been using this cream very often for my skincare routine in the morning, especially on the days I prefer to put makeup on after. It quickly absorbs into my skin very well with instant cooling effect and doesn’t make a mess for my make up. Non sticky, non greasy and control shine for at least 4-5 hours for myself. No overwhelming fragrance too. I strongly recommend this for good results with affordable price.

2. Dr.Jart+ – Water Fuse Ultimate Hydro Gel



I was quite impressed with this moisturizer and its lightweight and very smooth textures. I use this at night and I’ve noticed some difference the next morning after I woke up. It makes my skin so soft and looking more radiant as well as doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin so far. The cons of this product? I find it cannot hold shine very well and that’s why I personally prefer to use it at night. I randomly bought it from Sasa in Hong Kong.

3. Bioelements – Beyond Hydration



I read some reviews online and decided to give this moisturizer a try. It’s recommended for oily skin to keeping skin hydrated without leaving adding shine. It only takes a few minutes for their gel-alike texture to sink into my skin. It also doesn’t feel sticky at all and works pretty well for my combination skin with no breakouts. This one gives a bit of cooling feels on the skin which is quite refreshing. So far there is nothing I dislike about this product. Worth buying.

Have a good skin. x
Love, nira

Go Natural In Your Home with Pineapple Power

Mothers and household jobs can never really be separated whether you are a full-time housewife or a working mom. This post I will be sharing some good stuff which may help you to do them even better, and safer.

Choosing household cleaning products that cleaning quicker and easier may not be a difficult task at all but some of them may not be good for our health. Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of these toxic chemicals (or petrochemicals) which are commonly used in those products and how badly they could harm us both short term and long term. It can lead us to the development of allergies, skin rashes, asthma, eczema, and reproduction issues in pregnant woman. I’ve been through experiences with unsuitable products which caused me very bad rashes on my skin (and worsen skin allergy) and took me almost a week to get rid of them with medication, creams etc. From then it taught me a very good lesson to be even more careful with cleaning products.

But I definitely understand it can feel quite overwhelming scanning through all the ingredients of every cleaning product you are going to buy, so what I usually do is to find natural products from trusted brands, such as Pipper Standards.


Their products are naturally made from pineapples, have both hypoallergenic and non-irritation certifications by Dermscan Asia, and are free of known allergens according to U.S FDA; which is safe for babies or young children when using Pipper Standard products at home.

I’ve been trying a few Pipper products and my most favourite one goes to laundry detergent. Because Terena has sensitive (and eczema-prone) skin so I’m extra careful with anything that related to her skin or detergents that used in her clothing. Pipper detergent is perfectly safe for her with no itchy skin or rashes, clean effectively with lesser foam, easier to rinse out compared to many detergents in the market with chemicals added to create foaming effect due to the common misconception that the more foam is the better cleaning. There is also no damp smells when I dry my clothes indoor because their products contain no chemicals.



Below is a picture of Terena trying to wash her face towel with water only and there is no detergent or fabric softener added in until it was my turn to hand wash it myself. Teaching my daughter some household stuff is fun, especially when we can do it together sometimes.



Another thing I love about Pipper products beside being safe cleaner especially for our family’s sensitive skin; is the powerful natural cleaning with eco-sustainable. They use patented pineapple fermentation process (yields natural organic acids, natural enzymes, natural preservatives and biosurfactants) to clean as good as or even better than some chemical products. Not to forget the air we are breathing in too. Cleaning products with harmful chemicals that circulate in the air of our home is definitely harmful. With Pipper products, I do not have to worry about that. They are chemical-free, worry-free and healthy for environment. And most importantly, I personally think it’s better to use natural products to keep my daughter safe and away from any possible harm of chemical products.

You can find out more Pipper Standard here. Always keep your home clean, and your family safe. Easily starting a healthy environment at our home.

Love, nira

Collagen Boost with Estetica TriPollar RF Therapy

Read this if you have concerns about the loss of firmness of your skin and you wish your complexion looked fresher and felt firmer. You might just find another potential treatment option here as I share with you my recent experience at Estetica Beauty where I tried their facial treatment and TriPollar RF Therapy. Good services they provided already gave me a good first impression.


My consultant named Alice brought me into a consultation room where she did skin analysis for me in detail before she can advice me on the most suitable treatment for my skin. I was told that my skin is considered quite good due to my skincare routines and exercise.

However, it’s still lack of collagen, which resulted in my skin losing firmness and sometimes looking dull. I was also concerned about my pores because of my oily T-Zone skin as they seem to be rapidly enlarging due to aging. So I was suggested to do the Customised Facial and TriPollar RF Therapy to treat those concern problems.


The Derma-Calm range from France was used to deeply hydrate and promote my skin’s immunity against external stressors for this Customised Facial and it is definitely suitable for my sensitive skin.


The steps started with a gentle deep cleansing followed by scrubbing, putting on toner and the extraction to get rid of my annoying pimples (it wasn’t painful at all if you are afraid of extractions).

And next was a TriPollar RF Therapy. This treatment helps to build immediate collagen for short term skin tightening and increases fibroblasts metabolism for a long term result with high power density and optimal radio-frequency energy used. It causes deep heating of both the dermal and fat layers. All I felt during this TRF was a painless and bearable heat (almost like a massage with deep heating). It’s safe even around my eyes and sensitive skin. This step took around 45-50 minutes for my face and neck.


You can read more about TriPollar RF Therapy here.

Then the therapist moved on to my favourite facial and shoulder massage which put me in a short nap. Their comfortable bed was also a plus point to my relaxing time. Unlike a body massage, I could hardly fall asleep whenever I have a facial treatment so I think Alice did a really good job on massaging too. Finishing with an application of 10-15 minutes facial mask and lastly a moisturizer.

What I loved about the treatment I had that day at Estetica was an immediate visible results of tighter and firmer looking skin. I usually don’t mind going out on bare face but this just makes me feel even better. It is said to give long-term skin remodelling so I will observe more on that. It has been 2 weeks after my treatment and my skin is still looking firm even before any application of my usual skincare moisturizers.


A good new for my readers! You can now sign up for their Mother’s Day special for TriPollar RF Therapy at $68 from their original price from $600. Click here for a good deal. To add on, Estetica has many Award-winning beauty services & products derived from Nobel Prize winning technology so you can rest assured of their professionalism.

The outlet I went to was at Plaza Singapura, unit #06-18, next to food court. Or you can find more about their outlet locations here. Remember to follow their Facebook page or Instagram to stay up-to-date with their promotions or services.

Be beautiful and be in good hands, always.

Love, nira

Gift Books for Kids, 2017

When it comes to kid’s birthday party, our kids definitely receive at least one of the toys such as dolls, logos, toys cars or similarly related kind of toys. Whether it’s from parents ourselves or guests. I started to look for more interesting gifts for my own child as well as others and they are books.

Books may sound boring to some children but I personally believein the value of reading habits which should be starting at early ages. I’ve been reading to my daughter Terena every night since she was less than 6 months and we are now reading at least a book before bedtime everyday. Terena reminds me too if I forget to do so especially after a long day or work. So yes, books. They will always be one of the greatest gifts. My daughter and I love to do book shopping at least once every two months.

Some book can be really fun and educated with interesting activities, amazing stories etc. So here are some books you might want to consider getting.

1. Maverick Children Books 


I think Maverick children books are suitable for all children starting from early readers. They comes in high quality writing and a lot of interesting stories, and beautiful illustration. You will be spoiled by their variety of choices; picture books, board books, junior fiction and early readers. They are based in UK and publish 50 more titles this year 2017.

Some of my favourites are ‘Grandma Bendy’ and ‘The New LiBEARian’. Their price is reasonable at around £6.99. You can purchase them from, worldwide shipping.

2. My Super Fun Playbook

Some of you may have already seen this through my Instagram platform but I will also put it up here for my readers not to miss it.


This is a MUST-HAVE playbook for kids (from age 2-5). It’s not much about reading unless you can come up with a fun stories while playing them like what Terena and I always do. This fabric playbook is made with embroidered ornaments by sewing and stitching by hand. You can expect a very good quality of craftsmanship. It’s creative, fun, and educational at the same time. Terena and I have fun playing this together and sometimes I bring it with us whenever we travel together to keep her occupied (and try to stay away as much as we can from an Ipad). It’s lightweight and quite a time-consuming book.



Overall. One great product to put your hands on for your children. This playbook also recently won Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2017. Congrats! I’m planning to get this for my friend’s son on his birthday this year too. Pretty sure he will like it just like Terena. Oh yes, it’s suitable for both boys and girls too.

You can get it from, worldwide shipping.

3. The Magic of My Name

This can be an awesome personalized gift with a child name customized in this book. Beside that, there are a total of 4 characteristics for each boys or girls to choose from for no additional costs, Each book will contains at least 38 pages depending on a child name. You can add in some notes in a book for free too so it could be a nice happy birthday wishes for a birthday gift for examples.



Terena and I both enjoy this book for bedtime. I strongly recommend. Good customized story and book with beautiful illustration printed in good quality papers.

Price is at SGD41.99 (USD29.99) with standard cover or (optional) hard cover with an additional cost of SGD4.99. It’s suitable for children from 0 to 8 years old. Get it from

Hope it helps you with some gifts ideas and happy reading to all. x

Love, nira.

Wake up to better skin, Estee Lauder x Nira

Waking up to a dull and lifeless skin often make us look tired and old. I understand we sometime cannot avoid keeping ourselves up at night, whether it’s stress, ages, or not. But it’s definitely one of the reasons for getting in the way of our best skin in the next morning. Sometimes I couldn’t even look myself in the eyes in the mirror.

Just like everyone else, I’ve had my fair share of unwanted skin problems too.

If I do not get enough sleep, I’d probably wake up to less-than-radiant looking skin. As well as the healing and repairing process of my skin with blemishes which used to be quite fast without permanent scars but not so now. Therefore, it’s leading to a complexion to be blotchy and uneven skin tone. Although wrinkles are not my main problem as of now but it’s starting to show very slowly. My skin is also very sensitive and it could be pretty tricky when it comes to shopping for skincare products and find ones which suit me. 

I’m pretty happy to be a part of this Estee Lauder campaign to recommend you one of the best serums worth having in your skincare routine at night, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. 


After using Advance Night Repair for less than a week, I noticed some changes in those problem acne scars as they seem to be lighter and less redness or blotchy. It didn’t give me breakouts or irritate my sensitive skin either. What I love the most is how it makes my skin so soft and smooth especially in the next morning after I wake up. A healthy and radiant looking skin in the mirror I see; a happier me throughout the day. Although I personally do not like its scent but I like the richness and texture of this serum very much.

It’s not my first bottle and I’ve been using it for years. Just that I have a habit of trying new products (or mix&match different brands) so I am not being consistently used it everyday but I would repurchase when it’s finished. I bought for my mom too and she mentioned about her improvement in less noticeable wrinkles and much smoother skin.


Not surprising why there are many good reviews or being one of the best-selling skincare products from Estee Lauder.

It’s recommended to applying before your other moisturizers but sometime I just use it alone at night before bedtime if I have a pretty long day outside. But no matter how tired I am, I will not skip at least one moisturizer before bedtime. It’s so important to take good care of your skin no matter what age you are at now.

Shop your favourite Estee Lauder Products from here! All their products selling in Sephora website are 100% authentic so you won’t put your own skin at any risks. You can also follow their instagram account @sephorasg and stay up-to-date to their latest promotions or products.

Work hard, play hard and shop harder. Happy shopping! x

Love, nira