In a garden of love

Nothing is beautiful like love so was one of my besties’s wedding. Honestly speaking, I believe not all of us love to attend wedding all the time, but we somehow have to. When it comes to your good friends or relatives, it’s definitely a different story. And the fun part was to be one of the crazy bridesmaids this time around. Not everyday we could get to see each other or I should say, not every year. So there are so much for us to share this great moment together with our beautiful friend and bride. Another good occasion to camwhore till we ran out of battery.

The engagement took place early morning followed by the reception dinner at night. I share with you some of the photos here (out of hundreds). Start with some random shots with my besties.

and a….. I don’t really know what to describe. a messy group shot maybe? Natural as it is. haha. Didn’t have time to get a good group shot from her yet.

No one can be brighter than you that night my beautiful girl.

with a handsome groom.

I pretty like this random shot. Like as if I was barbecuing a man with fire. (no damage has been done to him) haha.

And more cute faces I shot that night.

I couldn’t describe how happy I am for her and her loved ones. It was filled with a lot of fun, laughters, and a bit of happy tears. Most importantly, I believe she is in good hands of a great man she deserves.

with love always, nira

Under The Stars

This is one special night for a gorgeous friend of mine, a beautiful bride. The wedding took place at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok where I got my married (for Thai wedding) to my loved one as well. It kinda brought back good memories to me when I was there. The place was so beautifully decorated in dark blue theme.

I shall call it wedding under the stars. So nice, like a dream.

Oh, and I definitely love this unique cocktails. Not sure what they mixed into this drink as I’m not really a cocktail person but it was very light and easy to drink. I love how they use light blue candy floss as a topping to easily goes with their wedding theme.

And finally, some shots with the bride and groom.

In teal Roberto Cavalli gown I bought during my honeymoon in Italy. Love how the drapes are naturally flow with the body. Hair and makeup by Khun Kittipoom.

With a lovely sis, N’Near. A very young passionate and hardworking local designer. She has her own boutique PIMP DADDY at Thong Lo 13 if you want to check it out. Every pieces of her work defines fun.

And again, congratulation to Neyyi and P’Oak. I wish you both a happy and blissful marriage life with lots of love.

Love, nira

CURE 1st Summer Party

I spent last saturday at Cure 1st Summer Party 2013 by the beach at Sunset Bay Garden Bistro, and I’ve had so much fun. The weather was freaking hot but it didn’t stop me from having fun and looking crazy. The evening started from the introduction of Cure product, followed by game and dance activities, and the main attraction of the event which is ‘Most Popular Summer Boy Contest’. Here are some photos taken during the event.

Oh, don’t forget to vote for the remaining three summer boys at Cure Natural Aqua Gel’s Facebook page here.

I’m sure many of us lay our hand on this bottle before. They call it CURE. I call it MAGIC BOTTLE! Japan’s best selling facial exfoliant 1 bottle sold every 12 second and they achieved that with no advertising spend in Japan but purely through word of mouth!

Natural recipe for Healthy Skin

  • Cure is made from 91% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts of gingko, rosemary, aloe vera for healthy skin.
  • Contains no preservative, no coloring, artificial fragrance-free, no alcohol and no animal testing!
  • Cure Natural Aqua Gel focuses on the effects of its ingredients (mainly revitalized hydrogen water) that bind with the unwanted protein (rough and dead skin) on the skin surface to obtain a clearer, brighter skin, restoring our skin back to its health.
  • The gel will immediately react to the dead skin cells on the skin surface once applied without the need to rub.  This lifting off of dirt and unwanted protein/keratin keeps our face smooth and void of skin problems naturally

It is a must-have basic skin-care product. It helps to prevent enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, blemishes and dull skin tone. You can get it from Watson Singapore at S$49.00 for 250g.

Love.- nira

Orchard Fashion Runway

It was a great call for all the fashionistas to be at Orchard Fashion Runway, the highlight of the six-week-long annual fashion extravaganza Samsung Fashion Steps out 2013 (FSO 2013) on 4 May. Singapore Orchard road closed and turned into Fashion Runway which took place from Paterson/Scotts to Bideford junction, showcasing more than 170 models in the freshest Spring/Summer looks and Fall/Winter styles from the international and local brands like Fausto Puglisi; Victoria Beckham; Coach; J.Press; Robinsons; Marks & Spencer; Adolfo Dominguez; Blugirl; and one of my favorite designer, Maria Grachvogel.

Another great thing about this event is that, it was also opened to the public where all the visitors and the locals could enjoy the show.

The runway started from 8:30 until 10pm. Here are some pictures for you.

It was fun evening at the runway as well as the exclusive COACH after party at Coach Wisma. Thank you for having me there.

Ending this post with my makeup look and new favorite pair of jeans I wore for the event on that day.

Looking forward to the next year! Thank you Samsung. x

Love.- nira

Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash

I was glad to be a part of Nuffnang’s 6th birthday celebration at Ballymoons. It was fun catching up with old friends and other bloggers. The performances and activities were great and I definitely enjoyed myself that night.

Happy 6th birthday Nuffnang! Continue to grow and have fun together!

More photos with other bloggers, Nadia and Maureen.

lovely Mei Ting,

Jessica. oh I miss her yummy cupcakes. If you haven’t try, you should, here.

and handsome Yutaki.

It was a great evening. Thank you for having me there. And thank you baby Terena for being such a good girl and let mummy out to have fun.

Love.- nira