Liposonix by EHA Clinic

This post I will be sharing a review on a Liposonix treatment I did at EHA Clinic Singapore about 2 months ago. First, let me explain my concerns and lifestyle. I do workout at least 1-2 times per week, mostly cardio and running. However, the “last inch” of my stubborn tummy fat somehow still remain. As you know belly fat is harder to lose than fat in other areas of our body. And that’s why our upper body will be the first to shrink when you exercise or diet to lose weight while a belly remains more or less the same. It is why I decided to give it a try since this is already the closest to a liposuction but it’s non-surgical. And I honestly do not need a liposuction with an inch of belly fat I’m trying to get rid of.


I went in EHA clinic on Tuesday and met up with Dr Elias for a consultation. Dr Elias gave me some advices and he did 9 markings on my tummy areas. After that I was given 2 pills to treat pain. Let me tell you first, this treatment was very painful for me, and I consider myself to have a low-medium pain tolerance. But it also worked wonder so you might want to keep reading.


The treatment took about 45 minutes; about 4-5 minutes for each markings. I don’t really know how to describe the exact feeling of pains I had during treatment. It was more than just a high heat and I was trying to concentrate on something else because it was really painful. However, I was glad that I managed to go through this whole thing without stopping it halfway.




The pain somehow remained a little bit after the treatment. I noticed some bruises about 4-5 hours later and was a lot more bruised the day after, purplish black kind of bruises. They lasted about 2-3 weeks at least. I did not see any results yet until week 4. My waist is about an inch smaller now at week 6! It does feel a bit tighter too. It was amazing how Liposonix could get rid of these stubborn fat after just one treatment! I swear it really works wonder but that’s only if you are willing go through pain. Otherwise, this is really not for you. If you have high pain tolerance then you might be able to tolerate this better than I did.


Please also keep in mind that you body fat can come back anytime if you have an inactive lifestyle or uncontrolled diets.

Pricing for Liposonix: 1-9 spots = $300 each, 10-14 spots = $250 each, 15 above = $200 each. You can read more on how Liposonix works here. I hope this post will be useful for those who want have a slimmer body.

Love, nira.


Liquid Face Lift by Kowayo Aesthetic

If you want to look younger in a less than a week without surgery, you may want to read this post. Because I’m very excited to share with you about this facelift treatment I recently did two weeks ago. It’s called “Liquid Face Lift” or you can call it a “Soft Lift” botox injections with special techniques. I had concerns about my cheeks and eyelids areas and wanted to lift them up a little bit more to achieve a younger look.


(Photo taken 2 weeks after treatment)

I thought this treatment was the best option so I went ahead with appointment booking at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic. It’s a rare occasion that I look forward to a doctor’s appointment but this is really an exception case.



Before that, I did some researches on a doctor/physician to make sure I will be in good hands and I think it is a very important step we shouldn’t skip. It will give you perspective into what to expect, and get a sneak peek into what others have received as well. I am really fortunate enough to consider myself in good hands of Dr Wong Kee Seng. You can read more about his profile here.


Let me explain a bit more about Liquid Facelift Treatment before we jump into my results. This treatment is generally done to reduce signs of aging including wrinkles, saggy cheeks, fine lines and even droopy eyelids. It helps to life your face the non-surgical way, using “micro-botox” applied to relax superficial fine muscles.

After a consultation with Dr Wong, I was brought to another room to remove makeup and apply numbing creams for about 20 minutes. And then brought back to another room where aesthetic treatment is performed. I wouldn’t lie I was quite nervous since it was my first time trying botox. Yes, you read that right.

The nurse started to put an ice pack for a few seconds on areas where (and before) the injections will be applied. Dr Wong then gave small injections close to the jawline and forehead to lift my face upward, a bit of my chin to smoothen it, and eyebrow lift.


Was it painful? No, there was a little bit of a pinch but it was not painful. Coming from a person like me who is sensitive to pain. Numbing cream and ice pack surely helps. It took only about 10-15 minutes to complete. My face instantly feels a little tighter with no visible bruising at all. Some patients might experience bruising or swelling, which goes away in 24 hours.

I was told that the full effect of Botox takes a couple days. It’s different for everyone. For me it took about 6-7 days to see full results. My skin looks firmer, smoother and tighter. I also see improvements at the eyebrow and eye areas. Many thanks to Dr Wong for helping me to achieve such results. I’m very satisfied with them.

You can find out more information at or call them at +6568844280. Do check out their Facebook or Instagram for more reviews and stayed updated.

Stay beautiful, always.

Love, nira

The Good and Not So Good Face Sunscreens

Because sun exposure is very ageing to our skin as well as the risk of skin cancers and many of us are already aware of this. There are many factors that cause your skin to age faster but I’m just going to skip that part because we should already know a lot of them. Just remember, sunscreen is a must and you need at least SPF15 and above for a daily use. However, not all of them are safe to use so it’s a must you need to know and avoid those toxic ones. So what is considered a good sunscreen to me?

First of all, it protects our skin from UVA, UVB and Infrared. The higher SPF, the better protection for your skin? No, not really true. It must not be oily and doesn’t clog pores or give breakouts. It should also help makeup to stay in place after applying or doesn’t ruin it at least. And most importantly, safe to use of course. Now let me give some reviews on the ones I have used/been using. Please kindly take notes that these reviews are purely based on my personal experiences and they may not have the same effects on everyone.

1. Biore UV PPerfect Face Milk SPF50+ 


Another favourite sunscreen as of now. The texture is very light with fast absorption. I thought it would be quite greasy after a short while and not so suitable for my combination skin but I was wrong. It doesn’t ruin my makeup too. Reasonable price. I hope it comes up with the new upgraded formula in the near future. I will repurchase this or their upgraded formula.

2. Nivea Oil Control Sun Protection Serum SPF50PA+++


The texture is quite light and it only takes a short while for this serum to be fully absorbed into my skin. It can control oil in a certain level but not for many hours. I’m still not sure if I get breakouts from this or not. But the price is very affordable so I think it’s alright for this quality. Will I repurchase this? No. But I would say I found a few other Nivea body sunscreen and body lotion products are quite good.

3. Anessa Whitening Essence Facial UV Sunscreen


My current favourite sunscreen. I love its texture, fast absorption as well as how it helps my makeup to stay in place. I can go at least 4-5 hours without feeling greasy at all. I will repurchase this product.

4. Estetica Sunshield Aqua SPF50


I got this after a spa session at Estetica beauty Plaza Singapura. What I like most about this product is the instant brightening effect right after applying with non-sticky and light texture. I can use this alone instead of putting a foundation after to go for a very natural look. The cons about this product? My makeup cannot really stay in place after this sunscreen. I still like it anyway.

5. Keihl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 


The good thing is their cream is pretty rich but I find it too heavy on my skin. It also makes my skin greasy after awhile and doesn’t really help with holding makeup. It’s alright if I plan to go on bare face but not with my makeup on. I personally think it doesn’t work well on (prone to)oily skin. Although I like a lot of skincare products from this brand but I will give it a pass for this sunscreen.

6. Mizumi UV Water Serum SPF 50+


This one is actually not bad but I think I prefer other sunscreens I already have than this one. It doesn’t give me breakouts but I find it can be quite greasy easily if I stay outdoor for long hours.

When I find ones that are not so good for putting on my face, I put them on my body instead. I hope my reviews help you find the most suitable sunscreen for yourself.

Love, nira

Most Favourite Perfect Skin Hydrators, 2017

Derek Zoolander once said “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” and I couldn’t agree more. In this post I will share some reviews on my most favourite moisturizers with hydrating formulas.

I have combination skin that leans more towards oily and quite sensitive. However my skin can also look quite dry underneath my makeup. If you have a similar skin type like mine, you might find this review very useful.

I often go for an oil-free moisturizer that helps to balance my skin’s natural levels and reduce shines from a greasy complexion. And it is also very important that they will keep my skin hydrated for long hours without ruining my makeup. It’s not difficult to find ones that is specifically suited to your skin’s needs if you starts to pay more attention on the key ingredients.

1. Kiehl’s – Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream



I’ve been using this cream very often for my skincare routine in the morning, especially on the days I prefer to put makeup on after. It quickly absorbs into my skin very well with instant cooling effect and doesn’t make a mess for my make up. Non sticky, non greasy and control shine for at least 4-5 hours for myself. No overwhelming fragrance too. I strongly recommend this for good results with affordable price.

2. Dr.Jart+ – Water Fuse Ultimate Hydro Gel



I was quite impressed with this moisturizer and its lightweight and very smooth textures. I use this at night and I’ve noticed some difference the next morning after I woke up. It makes my skin so soft and looking more radiant as well as doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin so far. The cons of this product? I find it cannot hold shine very well and that’s why I personally prefer to use it at night. I randomly bought it from Sasa in Hong Kong.

3. Bioelements – Beyond Hydration



I read some reviews online and decided to give this moisturizer a try. It’s recommended for oily skin to keeping skin hydrated without leaving adding shine. It only takes a few minutes for their gel-alike texture to sink into my skin. It also doesn’t feel sticky at all and works pretty well for my combination skin with no breakouts. This one gives a bit of cooling feels on the skin which is quite refreshing. So far there is nothing I dislike about this product. Worth buying.

Have a good skin. x
Love, nira

The 5 Expensive Beauty Products Worth Buying

When you spend money on something, you want to make sure it’s worth your money at least. Unfortunately, not everything expensive is considered good. Sometime it’s expensive because you are paying for the branding, marketing costs, years of R&D etc. There are costs I’ve been paying for experiences before I found some that are worth buying. This is not an advertorial and these reviews are purely based on my personal opinions.

So this post I’m going to share with you some of the expensive products I could recommend. However, I suggest you to consider buying a tester (if they do have) before purchasing some of the products below because everybody has a different skin tone, individual texture and types. Cut short, here we go. 

1. Sisley – Emulsion Ecologique Day and Night Lotion


One of the best moisturizer products that I always repurchase when it’s finished. It moisturizes and smoothen my skin very well as well as giving a healthy look. You wouldn’t see the results until one week of using it regularly but it depends on an individual. Although I do not use this everyday but at least 4-5 times a week, I can still see the differences between using and not using it. The reason why I do not use this everyday because I have many others (new) moisturizers wanting to try or trying now.

The only downside I do not really like about this product is a slight oily feeling after 3-4 hours of application. If I want my make up to last longer in a daytime, I will not go for it and preferably apply it before bedtime. But again, it really depends on types of skin. I still love this Sisley Emulsion very much and this is one of the few products I keep buying for my parents because they too love it.

2. La Mer – The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF20


Foundation is one of the makeup products I spend the most on. Because I’m considered VERY PICKY when it comes to choosing a foundation that suits my needs and reach my expectation. You hardly see me writing reviews on foundation because of that. However, I’m impressed by this La Mer foundation because of its weightless texture which is easily blending and healing hydration at the same time. I dislike anything that is too heavy. My skin looks naturally flawless after applying and my makeup stays well for at least 4 hours. Pores too look more refined.

Comes in 15 shades. However, I personally find this product is not really good enough for a full-coverage look if you are planning a night out.

3. Giorgio Armani – Power Fabric LONGWEAR HIGH COVER Foundation SPF25


I have a combination skin with an oily T zone and and areas around my cheeks. This foundation works great on my skin. It feels very light and not too heavy. The texture is so smooth and easily blends into my skin. Even though it’s stated to use for full coverage but I think it works perfectly for both day time to go for a natural look or a night out for a more full-coverage finish.

All I need for my entire face is just one small drop to give a flawless look with a bit of powdery finish to it. Comes in 24 shades so your skin tone will surely find one that matches perfectly. I’m in love with quite a number of Armani’s makeup products and this is one of the tops.

4. La Prairie – White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream


I think this is one the most expensive moisturizers I have bought so far. Slightly more expensive than Skin Caviar Luxe cream because of slightly different ingredients. White Caviar cream includes White Sturgen (fish eggs) which is very rich in omega (3 times than an average) and rare to find. I’m a sucker for whitening products so I prefer White Caviar. For the first time I applied this at night, my skin was really glowing the next morning. Dark spots from acne scars slowly disappear and leave my skin’s natural glow and bright. My mum thought I have been going to a facial treatment as she noticed some changes.

I use tiny amount of this cream before bedtime because they are so rich but not everyday (sometimes I switch to Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, which is definitely another worth buying skincare product). If I remember correctly I bought this more than half a year and I just finished it last month. The only con you may find is probably their price. I love their luxurious jar packaging but it’s still considered very expensive. I’d still put it in this post because I like the results. I strongly recommend a sample to try at least 1-2 weeks before you consider purchasing this.

5. Shiseido – Revitalizing Essence


This heavy red glass bottle of Essence works good for my combination skin. My all time favourite toner and also one of the very few toners I have been using (on and off) for years. I will use it at least 4-5 days in a week (morning and night) especially when my skin is getting dry during winter. I can easily feel the hydration it gives to my skin yet leaving no greasy or sticky feeling. One excellent product to be in a skincare routine. And yes, I will always repurchase this product.

Those are the top 5 I could share now. More updates will come.

I will end this post with small useful tips. You can actually try to ask for some available testers whenever you purchase something from the counters. Some countries (or malls) will give them even without you asking. But please do not expect them to do so if you only spend a few bucks. Hope it helps.

Love, nira