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My name is Nira and I am a Thai-Chinese mother of a daughter named Terena. I was born in Bangkok Thailand and then moved to Singapore since late 2002 and I started blogging since 2006. This is where I keep certain parts of my memories and share things with the readers. Take a break and I hope you enjoy your reading.

Love x, – nira

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  1. Dear Nira,

    A pleasure to introduce myself from Saffron Communications, a PR agency currently working on a launch of a new functional drink which consists of naturally occurring ingredients.

    Our target audience consists mainly of busy PMEBs, Uni students and working parents with an active lifestyle.

    We are hoping to seed a 3 months worth of the can drinks and we are looking at a minimum of 6 social media post.

    We would like to find out the feasibility and the cost estimate of such collaboration.

    My mobile is 9618 9275 if you need to reach out to me. Hope to hear from you soonest!

    Thank you!


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