New hair, rebonded

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If you want you hair to look good, it’s going to take some work. Look at my hair now and you probably have no ideas how bad my experience was with hair rebonding.

First time I got my hair rebonded many years ago, it turned out to be a big disaster. My hair was very damage with a lot of spilt ends. It took me more than a long time to fix that so I was afraid to do it again.

However, I want my hair to look good everyday without having to straighten the wavy parts, and also to save time. After much thoughts and consideration, I decided to go down to my new hair sponsor, Combhead at Plaza Singapura and get better suggestion on this from the experts.

Soft rebonding would be a good choice for my hair type instead of normal rebonding. Normal rebonding will make my hair look too flat and too straight like a broom. That’s a NO for me. Honestly speaking, I kinda have a phobia for rebonding since my first experience was pretty bad. I have been taking really good care of my hair so those effort shouldn’t go to waste right? Most importantly, I trust my new sponsor right after my very first visit. They have technicians as a specialist, and hair stylist separately. This is to make sure you have higher chance to achieve exactly what you want yet keeping your hair healthy.

Insteading of rebonding my whole head, they suggested me to do only certain parts from the root to middle part and avoid the ends; to achieve natural looking straight hair with my natural wavy ends to compromise the look. Here’s the result.

Need I say more how much I love my hair now?

Process took about 3 hours in total. What I enjoyed most was great hair wash because the way they do it surprised me. I know many salons give head massage but at Combhead they pay attention to details on every points. Talking to a massage lover like me.

Not only the atmosphere makes me feel like home with a spa but I love how the staff treat their customers as well; friendly yet professional. Working with nice people is enjoyable.

This is my favourite spot and it supposed to be their makeup services area. They also have a private room if you want one.

Oh yes, they like to spoil their customers too.

If you are curious, Liz was the one who did my rebonding and haircut by Phyllis (above). Price for soft rebonding is around 280-350 depending on your hair length.

You can check out their Facebook here or call 62388044 to book your appointment, located at Plaza Singapura #04-31.

And again, thank you for making me feel very comfortable and great results.

Love, nira

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Get Your Bottom Slim

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Getting post-pregnancy body in shape is now on top of my list.

With a normal lifestyle habit I’m having now, it’s not good enough to get rid of those excess body fat because some areas are just really difficult to reduce, especially after giving birth.

I get my weight down but still have a problem with the flabby tummy and excess fat in the thigh. The biggest nightmare it is to me because I love wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans or anything in tight fitting. And I won’t look good in those without having a slimmer and slender lower body. Being a mom doesn’t mean I’m no longer need to take a good care of my body shape right? No one wants to look pregnant when they are not.

I’m about to share with you one amazing experience I’ve had at Bottomslim. They are known as Pioneer in lower body slimming to helps trimming away additional bulge.I went to the City Square Mall branch at B2. The Ambience was cozy and simply nice.

It started off with a consultation to personalize my lower body analysis in details to find the suitable treatments. The main concern for my body is to get rid of flabby tummy and the appearance of cellulite on my hip and thighs. So I was suggested to have APL-09 and then URF-55.

APL-09 works like a vacuum and is mainly for my tummy and hip areas. You might feel a bit of pain depending on the areas. The more cellulite on specific areas such as thighs and buttocks, the more pain you might feel. I don’t need anything on my tummy. This treatment helps to:

  • Contouring and correcting figure shapes
  • Reducing appearance of cellulite, water retention in localized area, stretch marks and scars.
  • Soften and liquefy fat deposits with photolight therapy. Red endo light to repair cells and strengthen collagen elasticity

The result here.

Next treatment was URF-55, and is more for the thighs. You might feel very warm with no pain at all. I actually liked this treatment as it felt like oil massage. It helps to:

  • Liquefy fats into free fatty acids ( breaking down of stubborn fat ) to reduce body fat percentage and appearance of cellulite
  • Stimulate collagen production within skin for firming effect and increase blood circulation.

And the result.

The difference right after one treatment is amazing. More curves at my waist areas and more firm on lower body. You might experience some redness after the procedure and it’s very normal. It should go away in a few days. But for this, you don’t have to go under the knife. However, do take notes that you still need to eat healthy and exercise.

They also give me this slimming product as a complimentary (not included in a promotion).

Love the scent, non-greasy and extra-light on the skin. It helps to maintain the body’s curve, tightening and toning.

Are you interested now? Here is an exclusive promotion for my readers. BottomSlim x Nira August National Day Special:

Q:  Name a part of your body you would like to slim down: tummy, hips, thighs, calves or buttocks?

All entries are entitled to:

  • 5 Targetted BottomTrim Treatments worth $1288
  • In celebration of National Day, First 48 receive a complimentary Travel Slimming Set worth $388+
  • National Day Lucky Draw: up to 48 sets of $50 Sephora Vouchers to be won!

Please leave your details here. T&C apply. You can check out more information on their current promotion or available locations here.

Getting good shape has never been easier. I hope you will be happy with the result like I did. Thank you Bottomslim.

Love.- nira

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Keep the Frizz Away


Do you need to straighten your hair so often because your hair is too frizzy to wear it natural?

Especially for very frizzy and curly hair, you need to use high heat but it will also damage your hair at the same time. Having beautiful hair day after day is not an easy work unless you know the keys. And those are, the right tools, the right techniques and of course the right products.

I have a bit of frizzy baby hair on the front and top of my head. Thanks JOHN FRIEDA, the No.1 hair brand in UK. I have recently tried their Frizz-Ease range and it works for me.

Full Frizz-Ease range.

After using their shampoo and conditioner, my hair become more smooth, hydrated and easier for straight styling that lasts up for a day. It smells great and the scent last long too.

But out of all products from this range, my favourite is Leave-on hair serum. I use it on damp hair and blow dry after. It isn’t greasy in my hair and helps to reduce my frizzy baby hair too. This product has won many beauty awards in US and UK. 1 SOLD EVERY 30 SECONDS! 

Do check out more information on products from different ranges here. You can purchase John Frieda products at selective Watsons, Guardian, and Cold Storage outlets.

If you have fizzy hair problem, feel free to leave a comment (with an email) and you might get one product from Frizz-Ease range to try out. Giveaway ends next Friday 2/8/13. Applicable for those who reside in Singapore ONLY.

Every woman wants a healthy and manageable hair.

Love.- nira

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Sleep Better


Sleep is very important. Most of us have experienced trouble sleeping at one time or another.

I’m a light sleeper who can’t get to sleep when there is too much noise. Unfortunately, sometimes it can’t be helped so I always make sure my bed is at least comfortable enough so the good pillows. Which pillow will be the best for you depends on your sleeping position.

And below is one great product I got it from ShopAbout. It helps me to sleep better.

Naturelle Pure latex pillow is designed for all sleeping positions, conforms to the shape of head and neck to provide continuous support throughout the night. It also allows air to flow for a more hygienic sleep. Available in 3 different high side profiles. You can read more about this product here.

ShopAbout, a one-stop online shopping platform; bringing Singapore’s favourite brands which only have a few physical stores in Singapore.

All the retailers and brands are carefully handpicked so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity or not receiving your purchases. They offer free courier delivery to all their customers regardless of your purchases as well.

Remember to join Beautiful Inside-Out Campaign. Get spoiled because we ladies deserves the best.

Campaign Details

  • period starts from 22 July till 4 August 2013.
  • wide discount of 12% (for the duration of the campaign)
  • 48% flash sale off selected products sometime during the campaign.

Like their Facebook page for more updates here. Have fun shopping and remember to use coupon code ‘NIRA5OFF‘ to receive s$5 discount on top of the existing 12% campaign wide discount that will happen during BIO itself.

Love.- nira

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Wipes for Baby

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I can be quite a picky person when it has anything to do with my baby girl. As a new mother, I have been experiencing quite a lot of different brands of baby products. Starting from diapers, formula milk, skincare products and etc.

One thing I used to get annoyed with is low quality of baby wipes especially wet wipes. Good baby wipes make your job much easier and take shorter time to clean your baby compared to the bad ones. Pigeon was first recommended by my confinement lady and then many of my friends since I gave birth. They said the products are good specifically for newborns because it’s very gentle and moisturizing for baby skin. And their wipe is definitely one of my favorites and I’ve been using it since then.

Pigeon introduced a new range of baby wipes called Pigeon Moisturizing Cloths (recommended for Newborns) and I gave it a try. It’s the latest addition to their range of Pigeon Baby Wipes and it looks like this.

Why is it suitable for newborns?

Because newborns tend to have dry and sensitive skin, Pigeon Moisturizing Cloths not only help to gently clean but moisturizes baby’s skin at the same time. Also, newborns have frequent bowel movements as much as 8 to 10 times a day and this product contains Lanolin as a double protection to baby’s skin, moisturizing and preventing diaper rash. So I can change a baby’s diaper as often as needed without irritating baby’s skin.

Key Benefits?

  • It moisturizes newborn’s delicate skin at the same time as gently cleaning without irritating baby’s skin.
  • Lanolin gives double protection; moisturizing and creates a protective barrier on baby’s skin against irritation from baby’s stool and urine, thus leaving baby’s skin skin-irritation free and prevents diaper rash.
  • Hygienic & safe – This product prevents rashes, gentle to my baby’s sensitive skin and leaving no red marks unlike some other brands. All Baby Wipes have gone through Microbiological Testing and are free from fungus and 5 harmful bacteria that can cause itching, skin irritation and eczema.
  • 100% Alcohol free and Ph balanced. Ph level 5.0 is best suited for optimal cleansing while retaining the overall skin natural moisture balance.
  • New wipes are THICKER than other baby wipes and made of soft fabric like cloths to give soft texture. It is gentle on baby’s skin and yet not drying the skins.

I always prefer thick and soft wipes like this and not so thin like other brands I’ve tried. It’s also easy to pull and does not tear easily!  Only a single wipe pops up and NOT chained wipes. The cloths catch baby’s watery and sticky stools easily so your job becomes much easier and quickly done too!

Easy to open and close the cover cap too. Even Baby Terena can do it. hehe.

Not only good quality I like about this product, but also their price is reasonable for such quality too. I strongly recommend you to give it a try if you haven’t.

Usual price for Twin pack – $8.90
Promo price for 2 twin pack – $15.00 (17 June to 31 Aug 2013)

Available at all leading department stores, supermarkets and baby products shops
Read more about this product here.

Love.- nira

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