Review: L’OREAL Youth Code Luminizing Essence

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Having a super clear and luminous skin is like a dream to many. The skin that is super clear and it glows beautifully. Unfortunately not everyone is born with a good skin like that but there is a way. As I always said, to maintain a healthy and youthful skin, you need a lot of efforts and at least good skincare products in your beauty regime. No matter how busy I am as a mother, I will never forget to take a good care of my skin.

And recently I found another secret code. It’s L’OREAL Youth Code Luminizing Essence. Comes in a nice packaging with a dropper bottle (30ml). It’s good size for travelling as well even though a bottle made of glass can be a little heavy.

I’ve been using it for one week in the morning and night. It’s very light, non-greasy and easily absorbed into a skin. Non-oily too.

I love how it keeps my skin hydrated and refreshed especially the next morning I wake up. A very nice mild scent is also a plus point to me. My good friends know how picky I can be when it comes to the scent. Thank you Loreal for introducing me this.

The earlier you know how to maintain your skin, the better you can prevent and repair aging skin when you are much older. Never wait till you are in your thirties when all the wrinkles start to appear and it will scares you. I’ve started taking care of my skin seriously since early twenties. And also, you can look good with very little makeup as long as you know how to maintain your skin well.

Youth Code Luminizing Essence is retailing at SGD45.90 and it’s available at all leading pharmacies. More details on or go to their Facebook page here more updates on other L’Oreal products.

Stay young and beautiful always.
Love, nira

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Review: My Perfect Suncreen, Jellysun

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Not all of us pay attention to putting sunscreen (on face especially) everyday. If you are one of them, you should start having that habit now. Because sun exposure is very ageing to our skin as well as the risk of skin cancers which many of us probably are aware of this. There are many factors that cause your skin to age faster but I’m just going to skip that part because we should already know a lot of them.

Let’s go back to a sunscreen. I used to hate putting them on. I found many of them make my skin too oily, too sticky and too thick (after moisturizer application). Until I realized the importance of it, I’ve been hunting for a perfect one for my type of skin, a combination. (ps. you need at least SPF15 and above for daily use) If I remember correctly, I’ve tried more than 15-17 brands and I only found 2-3 acceptable ones. However, the very best one I found so far is actually founded by a Thai Celebrity, and is called JELLY SUN by Ice Apitsada SPF50 PA++

Because of many positive reviews mostly by the Thais, I decided to give it a try. Great decision I made. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. On a side note, a founder herself took years of researches and experimenting before she came out with it. It’s already my third tube I’m using now, let me tell you how good it is.

1) Comes in Jelly form like this with smooth, light, and clear texture that can easily blend and quickly absorb into skin.

I normally use this amount (something like a size of red bean) for my entire face.

2) Not oily at all. In fact, I can barely feel I have any sunscreen on after applying it yet it’s so rich with SPF50 protecting skin from UVA, UVB and Infrared.

3) Quite similar to a makeup base that helps your makeup stay in place if you apply it before and so that you don’t need to re-apply it again during the day.

4) Applying Jellysun after makeup does not ruin much of my makeup except for loose powder if I have it on. I have to blend it in slowly and gently, and usually put light powder compact after. This can be the case when you forget and skip sunscreen before makeup.

5) Jellysun works for sensitive skin. Mine is too.

Everything has its pros and cons. Jellysun comes in a small tube of 15g and I think the company mentioned that it could last for 2-3 months. Not for me at least. I use it daily and one tube can last me maximum a month plus. Depending on how often you use as well. Some people find it too expensive selling at 720Baht (without delivery fees and roughly SGD28) for 15g. My first tube I bought it was slightly below 700baht if I remember correctly but they’ve already increased their price. However, because of the great quality of this product, I personally find the price is acceptable.

One more thing, I’m not too sure if they do international shipping now. I doubt so. My brother helped me order and mailed it to me overseas. Website is in Thai too, click here to see. You can email them if you have more questions or leave me a comment. I will try to answer you as much as what I know.

I strongly recommend JellySun especially if you are always expose your skin to the sun for a long time everyday. I love running/jogging during the day time under the sun and I’m no longer worried for my skin as long as I remember to apply Jellysun 20-30 minutes before.

Aside for myself, I’ve also purchased some for my mom and friends as a gift and most of them loved it. It has become an important step of my beauty regime. Thank you for making this.

Do remember, beauty should also be healthy. So keeping your lifestyle healthy can slow down your ageing process too, and not to depend on beauty products alone. Exercise at least.

Love, nira

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Review: Anna Sui SS14 Beauty Collection

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Dear readers, I’m back for another cosmetic review.

My girl just started her playschool and I am going to have more time for myself to concentrate on my certain projects and hopefully blog more than I used to. I know I will miss her eventually when it finally happens. But well, she is growing well and I’m happy.

Anyway, back to our beauty topic. I’m about to introduce you a few products from a Spring Summer 2014 Anna Sui collection that comes with even prettier packaging which is coherent with the overall Anna Sui style.

Let’s start with their lip gloss.

1) Protective Lip Gloss (the one with a white cap) with SPF 20 helps to protect your lips from dryness, UV rays. It also has Ultra-Hydrating Plumping Oil effect that keeps your lips moisturized and protected from dryness. It comes in 9 shades

2) Glittering Lip Gloss (with a black cap) with clear oil base formula with Smooth Staying Gel that is highly transparent yet it’s a thick film that gives a smooth, shiny, glittery, and the mirror-like finish. It’s easy to spread all over your lips too. It also comes in 13 shades.

Both selling at SGD33

My favourite colour for protective lip gloss (left) is 701. I personally prefer to wear it alone but you can also wear it over lipstick if you wish to. And this is how it looks like after I applied two layers without lip base, concealer etc.

I love this shade as it compliments my skin tone as well as good for everyday wear. The shiny plumping effect is just great. (Scroll up to the very first image in this entry to see how I look in overall with this shade)

And for Glittering Lip Gloss, I chose shade 300. Woman can never have too many pink really. I prefer wearing this glittery pink shade over soft colour lipstick but then again, you can wear it alone if you want to.

3) Rose Cheek Color N comes as a bouquet of beautiful roses, my favourite flower. In one compact, it combines four bright vivid colours and pastel colours all together. This makes it so easy to mis and blend to create blooming looking cheeks. You can also use one shade alone to create your personal look. This compact is designed for many uses such as colouring, shading, contouring or highlighting.

I picked 400. We ladies can never ever have too many pink.

If you want to try all the colours (or more than one colours) at once, I strongly recommend you to use brush and take small amount, apply on the back of your hand before you apply to cheeks or desired areas. I use one to two colours as for eyeshadow as well. This way it works well with finger tips.

This is another look with 400 Rose Cheek Color for cheeks and a little bit for eyeshadow and 300 Glittering Lip Gloss (after lip base).

I hope you find this review useful. Thank you for reading and many thanks to Anna Sui team for always keeping (and supplying) me up to date to your new ranges even though I’m always out of town.

Love, nira

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Classy, Daniel Wellington

One of the happiest packages I’ve received so far this year is a watch from Daniel Wellington. I have been wanting to get one myself but I couldn’t decide which designs to get because I like many of them. If you don’t know about this yet, I LOVE watches. Not only the very luxurious kind of watches that cost you at least 5 digits but also those with nice and unique designs with reasonable prices too. I have to admit I’m quite fussy when it comes to all the little details about certain watches I like. Partly because my wrists are quite small and big face watches won’t look good on me.

Although I personally think DW brand is very famous for their big face watches (according to my online researches), but they also have smaller case sizes that look just nice on my wrist and thank you for making this size, really. What I like so much about their watch is a slim and classy design that can easily mix and match with everyday wear or even for a special occasion.

It was a very tough choice to pick one but I went for ‘Classy Bristol‘ in rose gold with 26mm case size. Just nice for my small wrist. And those Swarovski crystals make this watch looks even more classy and feminine. Not only that, the straps are interchangeable! Ok, I think I’m probably getting the black strap too.

I love how it compliments my whole look and I’m sure it goes really well even if I’m in T-shirt and jeans.

When I first saw DW wristwatch, I immediately knew that I need to own at least one piece and now I do. This is really a good watch to own especially for fashion lovers and their price is affordable too.

It comes in a nice leather stitched box for a USD149 worth of timepiece and not in a plastic or cardboard box. That makes me happy too.

If you think of getting one now, I have a good new specially for you my readers. You can get a special discount of 15% by using discount code ‘nira15‘ and is valid until 30th of September.

Love, Nira

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Bee in Pattaya

I’m back for a short post, with some photos of Terena too.

My family and I were looking for a short getaway to another city in Thailand and we chose Pattaya because it’s pretty near Bangkok at about at about 100km or 2 hours plus drive. Honesty, I never really fancy much about this city simply because the beach are just too dirty to swim in it and a lot of single males (both tourist and local) go there for entertainment reasons. Don’t think you need me to explain further on this. However, in a positive side, there are many good and cheap seafood restaurants, fun spots for shopping and massage places. It could be a fun place if you have the right companions, and not too high of an expectation.

We spent a night in Hilton Pattaya Hotel and I simply loved that place. Good hotel and excellent services. Food is quite alright but I still suggest you to eat out since you can find many nice local restaurants over there.

A swimming pool in this hotel has a nice view of Pattaya beach and this is where I enjoyed quite a lot. The fun part is to get Terena into a pool with me in a super adorable bee swimming suit I got for her in Bangkok at only 300 Bath. It came with a cap too but somehow her daddy preferred her without it so I did a simple bun for her instead.

There are wings at the back too. I’m a serious sucker for cute baby stuffs. And this one is definitely worth every cents. I took quite a number of photos of her in this suit.

And this one is my current favourite.

While I was getting myself ready after her, I came out of a bathroom to see this…

Needless to say, she learned from me. She has been following a lot of things I do in my daily routine including what I do in my workshop, some household stuffs (simple things such as throwing rubbish into a bin, tidy up her own toys) etc.

You see, mother is definitely the first teacher of a child. I’ve became more careful of what I do and try to be a good example for her. I admit I do have bad habits too and now step is to try to kick those off. No one says it will be easy but I will try my best.

ps. Any judgement on how I should raise my kid is not necessary. My husband and I know our jobs and responsibilities. Thank you.


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