Mommy’s Surprise Part 1

Hello all. I’m back again.

It’s about Terena’s 4th birthday! We already celebrated not very long ago and I’m so happy everything went smoothly as I planned 2-3 weeks ahead. The past 2 years we celebrated Terena’s birthday with a nice simple dinner with a family and this year I thought of doing something different. Something with a lot of surprises yet I don’t need to overspend on throwing such a huge fancy party.

So what came into my mind first?

Small house party? Or. Bring her to a city nearby to play? Throw a small party in her school with her classmate? Barbeque party? A few thoughts came in but I was already buying the first one.

A small house party with a few close friends of Terena and I, cousins and family. That will do. So what I really needed to plan was food, small decoration, small guest lists and some activities. Terena will not be home before lunch time so I have the whole morning! On her birthday I woke up at around 6am as usual getting some stuff ready and waiting for…

THIS. Mommy’s surprise for her 4th birthday!


Pretty balloons!! I ordered pink, red, white and a bit of silver to go with a theme Terena would like.

Terena loves balloons and she is already so happy to have just one in her hand. The last time I bought her one was a year plus ago. haha. I’m seriously the kind who do not like to buy too many toys or unnecessary stuffs for her (her dad and grandparents already spoil her enough). I’m happy to buy her books only.  But well… I spoiled her big one on her birthday this year.


Took me about half and hour to happily arrange them. Not only kids like balloons you know? *chuckles*


Probably the only one nice portrait shot of myself so I uploaded it anyway. *chuckles*

Anything too fancy was out of my choice for food but easily grab-and-chill like pizza, snacks and drinks! Food which makes people feel like home! I ordered them 5 days in advance and they delivered exactly on time. Thank you!



Why cook right? hehe.

Coming next was hello kitty cupcakes from our cousins! Oh yea.. I decided to go with Hello Kitty theme simply because Terena likes it. I also did ask the guests to wear pink if possible haha.



Believe it or not they were not just pretty looking but so yummy (according to most guests who tasted them because I was cutting down on sweets). Thank you very much for your cupcakes ka!

Another cake was delivered right after as well but I forgot to take a clear picture of it. Never mind, next.

Terena and daddy arrived with her gift from daddy, a new bicycle! (you see who spoiling her. haha)


ps. I love that dress on her. Credit to me please.

And the best part I was waiting…

Her first impression when she saw a surprise from me!



Kids and their expression are just speechless. They show what they really feel don’t they. *chuckles*


I love love love. At least now I know how good it felt to be spoiling her so bad for once.


I didn’t keep my last surprise long. Next, a balloon twister! I called him that unless you can suggest me a better name haha. I believed all the kids will like him (some adults as well).



And Terena had fun sword-fighting with daddy.

While we were waiting for all the guests to arrive at noon, we spent good quality time together; chit-chat, balloon fighting, taking pictures and snacking.



One way to make a mom the happiest mom on earth is simply just to see her child happy. Although it’s so difficult and frustrating to balance my family building and work sometimes, but I’m trying my best and I hope that my best will be enough, always.

Look out for the part 2 soon. x

Love, Nira.

Review: Better bare-faced by Guerison Ultra Laser

Going out with a bare-faced is not really a big deal if you have a good skin to start with. Therefore, I’m starting this entry with a photo of my clean face after one special treatment which I was impressed by the results and need to share.


ps. I’m not using photoshop or any form of beauty cam mode on this photo.

So please let me first introduce you to this, HKCplaza Korea Skin Aesthetic. Sound very familiar? I have tried (and still using) quite a number of the skincare products distributed by them. If you read my old posts, you will find some good reviews about those products too.


This aesthetic clinic is located at Forum shopping mall 2nd floor. This is where I got my treatment done and happily walked out with more confident with my bare face.

You may now be wondering what treatment I did with them. First, this is a ong lasting non-invasive treatments that provide surgical-alike results. And it is called Guerison Ultra Laser Treatment. This treatment is loved by many Korean celebrities and it’s also the very first in Singapore.

This is how Guerison Ultra Laser Machine looks like.


And they use only the quality ampoule for this treatment. I’m sure you want to know what they put on your face before going through it right.


This treatment is about skin healing & renewal where they use low level radioactive laser & micro current with Double Effect Ampoule to activate cells, improve blood circulation, eliminate body waste and sterilize damage skin. It’s about solving the roots of skin problem and not just the outer layer.

There is no downtime or side effect after the treatment. It’s 100% safe with the low level laser and special PDT solutions can also deliver the good ingredient into your skin & body.

During the treatment I felt no pain except for certain areas with pimples which I felt a little bit of needle pocking feeling. I actually laughed quite a bit when they went through my neck and head areas too. I would rate pain level at 1/10 considered I have very low pain tolerance. If you are the same, you can always ask them to go on lower level.

Depending on an individual but for me, my skin is more firm with deep moisture right after one treatment. It looks brighter and less dull too.  I’m definitely going back there again for another session.

So, if you are interested, you can make your appointment with them by calling +6567333445 or visit them at HKCplaza Korea Skin Aesthetic @ Forum The Shopping Mall, #02-10. You also can visit their website at for more enquires.

It’s always a good thing to keep your skin pampered.

Love, nira

Review: Extra V LIFT by Bio-essence

How many of us want to look younger without going through a knife or needle? I think many including myself who is not that far away from turning 30s and not yet to experience any botox or going under a knife for face lifting. I have to admit it’s not that easy to avoid stress from my motherhood role alone together with my hectic work. And for that, it could cause some damages to my skin if I don’t take a good care of them which I wouldn’t allow it to happen simply because we shouldn’t stop looking beautiful for ourselves.

So today, I’m glad to be sharing with you readers another good experience with one of the Singapore’s best Selling Face Lifting Cream in the last decade by Bio-essence, “Extra Strength Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly + ATP”.

The combination of Royal Jelly and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) help in recreating youthful, bouncy skin.

Participants in clinical tests have experienced 13% improvement in skin elasticity, up to 40% reduction in wrinkle counts and instant facial contour reduction within ONLY 10 MINUTES OF USAGE. Isn’t that amazing?

What I like about this product is the texture of a gel consistency which is very light for a cream form. I dislike heavy creams that makes my skin feel like it couldn’t breathe and even worst if I need to apply sunscreen and makeup on top on it so this Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream is a YES for me! It absorbs into my skin very quickly with a few seconds of cooling sensation right after applying on followed by warm sensation which lasted for not more than 10 minutes. My skin instantly feels more firm and it doesn’t cause any irritation to my sensitive skin too.

This cream is also specially formulated to strengthen and enhance blood circulation of the skin cells, and helps with the burning of excess facial fats for a more defined V-shape face.

Product Rating: 9/10

I have been travelling in and out a few cities with bad pollution like Shanghai for example and my skin keeps developing blemish and a bit of pigmentation problems. Experts said some of these problems are from the genes, and some are not. I believe it’s very important to use products that suit your skin.

Beside their Face Lifting Cream, I’ve also been using two of their exfoliating products Deep Exfoliating Gel (Sensitive Skin) & Deep Exfoliating Gel (Oil Control) and one of them become my current favourite. To me, exfoliation product is an essential step for me skincare regime.

Depends on your personal preference. I like both but I pretty much preferred Deep Exfoliating Gel (Oil Control) because I’m currently facing blemish problems.

Right after using it, my pores seemed much more smoother, brighter and pores become smaller. It felt very soft and gave the healthy looking skin. My acnes also slowly disappear after used this product only a few times. My complexion seems so much better without those annoying blemishes and I also love how it is leaving my pores so clean. And the best part about these exfoliators? They are very gentle and not containing any harsh exfoliating beads so they won’t do any damages to my skin; meaning I can use them EVERYDAY! (Normal exfoliators out there can only be used maximum twice a week to prevent any damages on skin) Imagine yourself having a clear face every single day without dead skin and unwanted pollutants yet there is no damaging on your skin. That’s what you get from using this Deep Exfoliating Gel. I’ve been using them everyday for 2 weeks now and it’s very addictive. I would definitely buy these products again when they are running out.

Product Rating: 9.5/10

Pricing and Availability: Bio-essence Extra Strength Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly & ATP at $55.90 (40g), Deep Exfoliating Gel (Sensitive Skin) at $36.90 (60g), Deep Exfoliating Gel (Oil Control) at $32.90 (60g). Available at Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice and selected department stores and cosmetic houses. However, Deep Exfoliating Gel (Oil Control) is exclusively available at Watsons only.

I always keep this in mind – “When you look younger than your real age, you are doing it right.” Have a beautiful skin ladies. And again, remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a lot of fluid and regular exercise too.

Love, nira

Review: Lee Ji Ham Probiotics Sleeping Cream and Vital Propolis Ampoule

I’m back for more reviews on Lee Ji Ham (LJH) Skincare products. It has become one of my favourite skincare brands from Korea ever since I’ve tried their magic CC cream. LJH products are researched and developed basing on various ‘Patients’ skin problems and are totally safe for sensitive skins. And for this entry I’m going to share with you some of their latest and best recommended products I’ve chosen.

First, let’s start with LJH newest product, Probiotics Sleeping Cream, a cream to remove sebum. If you don’t know what sebum is, please read here.

Probiotics, some call it good bacteria, and is one thing we need to stay healthy. It’s known to improve health system from immune system. Same goes to our skin which we have both good and bad. When our skin is off-balance, it can result in skin problems such as ance, premature aging and accelerated aging process. That’s why there is this LJH Probiotics Cream to help stimulate skin’s immune system just by applying.

This water-gel sleeping cream not only provide hydration, anti-aging function. It is created to balance sebum and minimize pores too. Main ingredient. Seamat is highly effective in removing excess sebum, controls the secretion of sebum at night and fermented Bifidus helps to tighten the pores. Acai Berry protects skin against various environmental harms while Adenosine helps skin to have better elasticity, providing anti-aging/anti-wrinkle benefits.

If I apply the night before, I’d wake up the next morning with less oil on my forehead, nose and cheekbones yet my skin is well hydrated. And what I like most is that my skin becomes more firm and pores seem smaller as well. I have been using it at night 2-3 times a week and especially if I have some special events the next day.

Product Rating: 9/10

I strongly recommend this to people with greasy pores, excessive sebum or skin problems caused by sebum. Selling at SGD60.00 (50ml) and you can purchase it or read more about it here

and next, Vital Propolis Ampoule (Honey Ampoule).

Contain 50% of pure premium propolis with Vitamin B5. B3 C and Vitamin Tree Extract for clear transparent. Its nature ingredient also gives whitening and anti-wrinkle benefits.

How to use? Giving 2-3 drops of ampoule on your moisturizer cream and apply all over face lightly for absorption. I’ve been using this daily for almost three weeks now. It helps to keep my skin glowing and feeling fresh for up to almost a day without stickiness.

Product Rating: 8/10

This product is suitable for people with dull and loose pores, varicoloured skin and sensitive skin due to stimuli. Selling at SGD42.00 (15ml). You can find more infos and purchase it here

And again, Thank you LJH and HKCplaza for introducing me to this brand. It’s a brand that is definitely worth a try. So far I’ve yet to be disappointed with their products.

I’m looking forward and pretty excited to try more of their upcoming products in the future.
Love, nira

28th and Loved

Some updates about my life here.

Terena has just started her play school not very long ago. She did cry (and was clinging to me like a Koala bear) for the first 3 days right after I left her with the teachers but she is fine after fourth day onwards. It’s good that she didn’t take a long time to adapt. No mothers like to see their own kids tearing and begging for them not to leave right? But we have to do it anyway. Because the longer you stay, the more emotional and anxious they become. Bad for them. After 2 weeks her teacher mentioned that Terena is very observant, independent and likes to help other kids. As a mother, I’m happy to hear that and also very proud of her.

Anyway, it was my birthday last week. Believe it or not I almost forgot my own birthday this year, thanks to my family and friends. When people start asking me how am I going to celebrate this year, my answer was all the way “I don’t know”. Maybe a simple home-cooked dinner at home with my loved ones will do but my hubs wasn’t in town. I hope I’m not turning into a boring person. *chuckles* Then again, I think I’m a very lucky lady. Good things usually happens when I don’t expect them. First, a bouquet of beautiful white roses was delivered to my doorstep with a meaningful messages.

Ok. I took quite a bit of photos with this bouquet. Not everyday I have a chance to do this right. I love roses, especially white. x

This year I also received two lovely orange boxes. Thank you! Definitely love them a lot.

Richelle also bought me a cake before she was going to make her way to the airport. Even though I didn’t like the taste of it at all but I love and appreciate her thought and effort (she thought it was green tea favour but it wasn’t.. haha some kinds of nuts or beans). Oh yes, and I told her that. There is no need to lie between good friends. She herself didn’t like the taste of it too haha. But all of us (including Terena) had a great time. Terena loves cake!

You can’t see her face here but I think you can easily tell from her body gesture that she was waiting and wanting that cake! *chuckles*

Terena also received her belated birthday gifts. My girl was so happy. She loves that phone the most but unfortunately for her, I limit how much time she can play with it. My friend actually saved photos and videos of Terena since a newborn in that phone. Sweet and very thoughtful gift for her (and for me too).

And again, thank you to all of you, family, friends, acquaintances for your birthday wishes, gifts, good thoughts and efforts. Some of you’ve made my birthday so special to me and I feel very blessed with loves.

End this post with the best gift ever and forever, my Terena. I never believed love at first sight until the day I saw you as a peanut size in black and white screen.

Love, nira