Bee in Pattaya

I’m back for a short post, with some photos of Terena too.

My family and I were looking for a short getaway to another city in Thailand and we chose Pattaya because it’s pretty near Bangkok at about at about 100km or 2 hours plus drive. Honesty, I never really fancy much about this city simply because the beach are just too dirty to swim in it and a lot of single males (both tourist and local) go there for entertainment reasons. Don’t think you need me to explain further on this. However, in a positive side, there are many good and cheap seafood restaurants, fun spots for shopping and massage places. It could be a fun place if you have the right companions, and not too high of an expectation.

We spent a night in Hilton Pattaya Hotel and I simply loved that place. Good hotel and excellent services. Food is quite alright but I still suggest you to eat out since you can find many nice local restaurants over there.

A swimming pool in this hotel has a nice view of Pattaya beach and this is where I enjoyed quite a lot. The fun part is to get Terena into a pool with me in a super adorable bee swimming suit I got for her in Bangkok at only 300 Bath. It came with a cap too but somehow her daddy preferred her without it so I did a simple bun for her instead.

There are wings at the back too. I’m a serious sucker for cute baby stuffs. And this one is definitely worth every cents. I took quite a number of photos of her in this suit.

And this one is my current favourite.

While I was getting myself ready after her, I came out of a bathroom to see this…

Needless to say, she learned from me. She has been following a lot of things I do in my daily routine including what I do in my workshop, some household stuffs (simple things such as throwing rubbish into a bin, tidy up her own toys) etc.

You see, mother is definitely the first teacher of a child. I’ve became more careful of what I do and try to be a good example for her. I admit I do have bad habits too and now step is to try to kick those off. No one says it will be easy but I will try my best.

ps. Any judgement on how I should raise my kid is not necessary. My husband and I know our jobs and responsibilities. Thank you.


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REVIEW: Lee Ji Ham CC Cream

If you don’t know what CC cream is used for, CC simply stands for ‘colour correcting’ and is usually lighter than BB cream. Many people use it to correct their skin complexion issues such as redness, anti-aging and sun protection etc.  Some also use it as a primer before applying foundation. However, do take note that you should never replace CC creams with your daily moisturizer. Your skin need to be well hydrated to maintain healthy.

I’ve tried quite a number of CC creams but there are only a few I liked so far. Recently I found another good one called Vital Turnaround CC cream by LEE JIHAM. When I first tried out this LJH product on my skin, it kinda surprised me with how good it is on the coverage which is natural.

LJH CC cream is non-oily and also helps to control certain amount of oil on my face. After 4-5 hours my skin still looks pretty fine. It doesn’t cause any breakout as well. I do not like any CC creams that give me sticky feeling after applying it.

I didn’t like the texture at first because it’s not very smooth compared to some other CC creams I’ve tried so far.

However, the colour which only comes in one tone blends very well (and quickly) on my skin. The colour is just right and it makes my skin looks naturally brighter and cleaner, and NOT looking pale. There is a big gap of difference there. We want our skin to look healthily white and not kind of pale.

White colour slowly turns into beige to suit my skin. See the before and after.

I think this product is definitely worth trying, especially if you are concerned about;

  • dryness after makeup application
  • dull coloured and blotchy complexion
  • non-uniformed and bumpy skin
  • darkened skin
  • oily, acne, or sensitive skin

This multi-purpose cream doesn’t only help with good coverage to skin imperfections but also helps to treat blemishes, act as a sunblock with SPF30 PA++, and improve skin condition with vitamin C essence (800 times more vitamin C than apples).

Here is what my skin looks like after applying LJH CC cream alone (after moisturizer) with no foundation or powder at all. ps. wanted to give you a very clear pic of my skin with LJH CC so I decided to give you a super zoom-in face of mine here. *chuckles*

I think the result is great. I feel my skin looks more healthy and glowy.

Product Rating: 9/10

You can find and purchase this LJH CC cream on Redeem some complimentary gifts from them here, and enjoy 10% discount on top of any current discounts or promotion by using VIP Code: SB01000JAD.

Stay beautiful ladies.
Love, nira

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Giving is Simple

My family and I woke up pretty early at about 4-5 am this morning to prepare some home-cooked food and dessert before heading out of home to find orphans and less fortunate children at Bot Woradid Temple in Ang Thong city. This temple is not only a home for these kids but also a school where they deserve to be educated just like any other kids. My mom was the one who found out about this place and it wasn’t her first time doing this so she pretty much knows how it works here. Some people come here to donate things and money, treat them meal etc.

There are about 300 plus of them and less than ten guardians (or teachers). We brought 9-10 huge buckets of food and 3 medium-sized box of coconut ice-cream. We were afraid of not preparing enough at first but it was just nice and there is not much of left over food.

Honestly speaking, I think some of us (including myself) were really tired without enough sleep the night before plus crazy hot weather in Thailand now. But I’m sure all of us enjoyed doing this and it felt really good. I want to believe I have help them somehow at least.

Of course, the little ones in yellow vests get to queue and eat first at 12 noon. And as expected, they were more excited for the desserts than their main dish.

Some of them were so shy to take their food. You imagine how cute they are. And also when they say ‘thank you’ with their little cute voice. *chuckle*

Then the rest get to eat around 12:30-1pm before heading back to their classroom. I like how they are responsible to wash their own plates after they finished their food. I know they are not fortunate like so many of us to have a maid so they have to do it themselves anyway. But this is one thing I’m going to teach my daughter in the very near future. I think she should at least know how to be responsible starting from such small thing. I have my way of parenting my child. Just in case you are going to give me any negative comments or advice on this.

I hope to be back here again in the future. If you are curious about the location of this temple, you can check it out here or feel free to ask me.

Love, nira

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A Lifestyle Skin-Gym

This is not an ad or sponsored

If you want to know one of my secret weapon to maintaining a healthy skin especially after giving birth, you may find this post very useful.

Admitting it, I used to be vain and I’m much worse now. Because of all the unglamorous aspects of my first pregnancy with Terena, it makes me more hungry for beauty. I didn’t expect how shocking it could be when hormones start to ruin my complexion after pregnancy. Not just that, the stress from being a new mom also affects my skin. I had good clear skin before/during my pregnancy and then the breakouts started to appear since last trimester onwards. From acnes to dull skin and the slight darkening of pigmentation on my cheek and side profile. And you know what? More than 50% of pregnant women have this problem and they called it ‘a pregnancy mask’. Unfortunately, it happened to me too.

I’ve tried a few clinics and spas after doing some serious researches and reviews on how to solve these problems. And I found one called PPP Laser Clinic, for Pores, Pimples and Pigmentation.

Their treatment shows a good result to my skin which is getting better and better every visit. I also know a few people personally (with pimple problems) who have tried it more than a few times and their skins get better. PPP Laser Clinic are specialized in using laser and light combination system that combines 30years of clinical laser experience and scientific research: to solve skin problems with pores, pimples and pigmentation. The procedure is fast, painless and doesn’t require a recovery period. Please also take note that a person’s individual reaction to pain is different. For me, I have very low tolerant for pain and yet I don’t feel anything much during the treatment so I guess it should be okay to many of you.

I gave it a try somewhere in November last year for the first time (in Singapore). The treatment room was pretty simple and clean. They start from cleaning by gently wiping my face to make sure there is no makeup or until it’s clean and then put on black shade for me before they start the treatment. I was asked to close my eyes during the procedure. First laser is supposed to help with cleaning pores, heal pimples and pigmentation. It felt like a very tiny machine laser gun shooting on my skin non-stop. Maybe I make it sound very scary but I promise it’s not painful to me at all (and my pain tolerant level is very low). It was just weird kind of feeling and a little bit itchy at first (I got addicted to it from second try onwards). They apply cold gel on my entire face before moving on to the next laser. It shoots red light and supposed to help boosting skin collagen. I don’t feel anything at all for this laser but bearable heat only. Finish up the treatment by removing gel, cleaning, and putting lotion plus sunblock. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes every time I visit.

I didn’t see much changes on skin pigmentation after my first few treatments but my skin feels much fresher and more radiant after only a single session and every visit. The condition of my skin pigmentation is getting better from 4rd treatment onwards. I feel my skin becomes firmer and more supple in the long run too. Fast or slow depend on the individual person’s skin condition. I’ve been getting their laser done for more than thirty times until now (both in Singapore and Shanghai). You can find more about their branches in Singapore here.

Very simple the reasons why I like PPP’s treatment. It’s safe, fast, and show good results.

Give it a try if you think this can be one of the solutions to your skin problems. It is working for me well and I hope it does for you too.

Love, nira

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REVIEW: Korea Beauty Products

Korea, as we know, it’s one of the best place for all the ladies to go crazy on shopping. I went to Seoul for a family holiday not so long ago and it was simply a good trip. I’ve tried skiing for the very first time and it was pretty fun despite all those uncountless times I fell down. Beside that, I also enjoy shopping local designer brands, makeup and skincare! Yes, that’s one thing you should never ever miss when going to Korea. Their makeup and skincare are famously good and affordable. This post I will be giving reviews on the beauty products I recently bought from Korea. Do take note, I have combination and natural fair skin. Thank you.

And I created this feminine and natural look with the products listed below.

In this picture, I’m wearing IOPE foundation and powder, LANEIGE eyeliner, ESPOIR for cheeks, and ETUDE HOUSE lip balm.

1. IOPE Super Vital Extra Moist Foundation (SPF 12/PA+)

A salesperson recommended me this brand for foundation and powder. IOPE is known to have the characteristics of SUPER VITAL makeup in their products:

  1. The Omega-3 elements in this product a helps to boost the skin’s metabolism and rejuvenate tired and less active skin to a liveliness.
  2. It has a super anti-oxidant network to slow down the aging process
  3. Moisturizing and softening effects as with skin care
  4. Omega pearl naturally gives your skin a natural glow

I like how IOPE foundation turns my skin into a radiant and bright skin with a natural glow finish. All I need is just a small amount or 0.5-1 pump on the back of my hand. I’m using shade #21 Natural Beige

Pros: gives natural glow, brighten skin, absorb quickly.
Cons: a little bit oily, quite pricey.
Rating: 9/10

2. IOPE Super Vital Extra Moist Twin Pact (SPF 25/PA++)

I am very satisfied with the result. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and even looking effect after application. There are two puffs included in the set. One with a blue stripe is used for a light and bright complexion. Another one is used for more covered up. Shade #21 Natural Beige.

Pros: smooth and light texture, good covered up.
Cons: quite pricey.
Rating: 8/10

3. LANEIGE Serum Intense Lipstick

I have a weakness for pink. This lipstick gives glow and clear looking skin with easy and soft application. I like how creamy and smooth this lipstick is. You don’t really need lip liner at all. It also gives shiny and moisture-looking finish.

I have tried all their shades but LR05 Flash Pink shade is my most favourite as it compliments my skin tone and I can wear this colour almost everyday. Another good buy.

Pros: very nice colour, smooth texture, easy to apply.
Cons: fades quickly, smudges easily
Rating: 7/10

4. LANEIGE Artplay Waterproof Eyeliner

I like natural makeup look therefore I often go for brown colour eyeliner instead of black because it gives you more softer look. My current happy choice is Laneige in sparkling brown and real brown. They are easy to use even if you have shaky hands and also smudge-proof. I tried washing away with water but it didn’t work. Simply awesome.

Pros: comes in 2 shades, smudge-proof.
Cons: sparking brown not richly pigmented.
Rating: 8/10


Dear followers who have been asking me, this is a secret weapon for my everyday lip and it’s now on top of my favourite beauty products for lip tint. I usually don’t like anything that is sticky but this is an exception. It’s a must have in my makeup pouch ALL THE TIME. Affordable and amazingly good.

Mine is shade #2 Magic Pink with sweet berry flavour. I don’t even need a lip base or liner before applying this. It’s really a magic as it said.

Pros: pretty color, shiny, very affordable price.
Cons: a bit sticky, colour fades away after 2-3 hours.
Rating: 9.5/10

6. ESPOIR Cream Pan For Lip & Cheek

They come in 5 very pretty shades but this pink is just right for me. You can use it for both lip & cheek but I think it works well for cheek and not for lip. The colour is bright and radiance with long lasting effect. However, I don’t recommend this for people who have oily skin. You also need to make sure that your finger is always very clean before using it because dust gets onto the surface very easily. I’m using Miss DJ shade and it goes pretty well with Laneige Flash Pink shade lipstick.

Pros: nice colour, multi-use for lip and cheek, long lasting.
Cons: not suitable for oily skin, a bit sticky.
Rating: 6/10

7. SULWHASOO Snowwise EX Whitening Mask

You know you can find a lot of good and very low-price sheet mask almost everywhere in Korea but THIS IS A MUST TRY product if you haven’t. I bought a box of 10 sheets and there is no regret. It really helps to improve my skin complexion and brighten my skin. I also love how their sheet stays on my face even if I move around a lot. Meaning that, I can mask my face while doing other things. Use 1-2 times a week. It’s pricey but totally worth it.

Pros: brighten skin, quick result, stays in place.
Cons: pricey
Rating: 9/10

8. ETUDE HOUSE Collagen Eye Patch

When I don’t have a good sleep, my eyes look horrible the next morning. This eye patch from Etude House has very cute packaging and well stored in plastic container in which the serum doesn’t spill everywhere. The patch is soft, easy to use, and stays in place even when you move around. However, this product doesn’t really suit me because I have no eye bags problems but dark eye circle.

Pros: easy to use, stays in place, affordable price.
Cons: sticky after use, shows me no result.
Rating: 5/10

I hope this post will be useful for you ladies. Feel free to ask questions if you have any. Staying beautiful inside and out. Keep up to looking good everyday and stay up for my next beauty secret. x

Love, nira

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